Today on "General Hospital," Sonny reveals to carly, that he never slept with Nelle. Unbeknownst to the mob boss, his wife has just slept with her ex husband Jasper Jax. Prior to Sonny knocking on the door, Carly was getting wine to seal the occasion. His proclamation of innocence could not have come at a worse time. Now tears are flowing down her face because her impulsive ways have brought her trouble once more.

Sonny's anger

As Sonny declares that nothing stands in the way of their reunion, Jax comes down the stairs. Sonny immediately blasts Carly because of her actions.

He tells his wife how she judged him over an affair that he could not remember, and actually never happened. He tells her that she is a bad wife but a good whore, who could not wait to spread her legs for another man. Rather than feeling guilty about being with a married woman, Jax chimes in with his two cents. He defends the situation by telling Sonny he cannot come into Carly's home and talk to her that way. Mrs. Corinthos tells her hubby the same thing. Sonny responds by saying that Jax and Carly they can have each other. His final words are for Carly are that it's over, As he walks out Carly mumbles, "No."

Of course there will be a reunion

This is not the first rodeo for the Corinthos couple.

Sonny and Carly have been married and divorced 4 times.They hurt each other over and over, but cannot live without each other. Jax has always been jealous of the bond that keeps the two of them going back to each other. He and Carly only have their daughter Joslyn as a connection. "General Hospital" fans know that a Sonny and Carly reunion is in the future, because it's what they do.

Adultery, lies and betrayal seem to bring them together eventually rather than keep them apart.

Based on past performance, Carly will be livid that Sonny called her out in front of Jax, on her cheating ways. This will send her back into the arms of her ex, and their daughter Joslyn will be elated. Jax, who always wants to stick it to Sonny, will do all he can to prove he is the better man for Carly.

Sonny will go into a downward spiral, lashing out at everyone around him. He will probably begin drinking heavily or stop taking his Bipolar medication. All of this is logical because it has happened before. There is a saying that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." "GH" viewers are used to the antics of Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos, who can't live with each other, and cannot live without each other.