On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" the Avant and Forrester families came together to help Nicole make a painful decision. Although Julius fought hard for his daughter to heed his voice and consider his opinion it was the level headed mindset of Zende that helped his wife make her decision.

Daddy tried to get his way but Zende was the reason for the final decision

Julius emphasized his point that Nicole carried Lizzie in her womb while Maya is not capable of having a child. He has been trying to influence her for several weeks. On Tuesday his wife Vivienne was made aware what her spouse was up to.

Along with Rick, Maya, and Zende, they found Julius badgering Nicole and set out to put a stop to his manipulations. Vivienne pointed out that the decision was Nicole's alone and her husband should stay out of it.

Julius refused and continued to tell his daughter to keep the child she gave birth to. His attitude was arrogant and he implied, as Nicole's father, he had every right to expect his child to listen to him. Zende spoke up to exert his rights as Nicole's spouse. He then spoke to his wife with words of comfort and love. He pointed out that he was adopted into the Forrester family and if Nicole is unable to have another child this option would be ok with him.

Nicole decides who will raise Lizzie

Rick pointed out that he was the child's biological dad but did so in a gentle manner.

and Maya also spoke kindly to Nicole saying she would abide by whatever decision her sister made because it was Nicole's decision alone.and after all the family members weighed in Nicole made her decision. This was a very emotional moment because everyone said what was on their minds and in their hearts.even Julius. Although he was not in agreement with the rest of the family he believed he was looking out for the best interest of his child.

Nicole walked over to where the papers were and hesitated a moment. It was not immediately clear what her final decision would be. Nicole picks up the pen and signs the papers giving her sister and brother and lawful legal custody of the little girl she gave birth to. Everyone is ecstatic except Julius. He says he hopes each person in the room will not one day come to regret the decision that has been made.

And as the rest of the family are hugging each other he stands back with a scowl on his face. Rick and Maya now never have to worry again that their daughter will not fully be considered as belonging to them.

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