Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that the battle for little Lizzie will not be drawn out over the summer. Nicole is going to make her final decision and bring the situation to a close. By the end of this week, viewers will know who is going to have permanent custody of Rick and Maya's child.

Nicole has a tough decision to make

It seemed as if the universe was telling Nicole that she should be raising the daughter she gave birth to. First, she finds out that she has scar tissue and may not be able to conceive another child.

Next, she is told that the adoption of the child she gave birth to is not yet finalized. Both Nicole and her father believed everything was happening for a reason, and Julius encouraged his daughter to maintain custody of his granddaughter.

Zende, Maya, and Rick were pushing Nicole to honor her agreement to only be a surrogate and then an aunt. They are telling her that she must sign the final papers to make the adoption of Lizzie legal and binding for her sister and brother-in-law. It was looking as though this situation might play out all summer long. Spoilers are saying it is only a matter of days before Nicole nips this situation in the bud and makes her final decision.

Who will end up with Lizzie?

Spoilers are not indicating who wins the Custody Battle but with it ending this week it's likely that Nicole will honor her agreement with Rick and Maya. It really is selfish of her to take Lizzie from the only parents she has ever known, and force her upon Zende who is not in agreement. Nicole's husband believes that the two of them should wait to see if they can conceive a child of their own.

If not, adoption and surrogacy are options. He told Nicole that her emotions are ruling her and she is not thinking clearly. By the end of the week, viewers will know whether or not she listened to her husband's sound reasoning.

If Zende was not able to get through to his wife this will cause a serious rift between the Avant and Forrester families.

Should Nicole decide to keep her little girl there will be a nasty custody battle. Rick is Lizzie's biological father and he is going to want to raise the child himself. Even if there were no sperm donor, Rick is a Forrester and he is going to demand full paternal rights. Maya's spouse is not going to go down without a fight. No matter who ends up with the little girl there is damage that has already been done to the family dynamic, and it will be a long time before healing takes place.

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