"Teen Mom OG" fans were shocked while watching Monday night's season finale after watching a scene in which Ryan Edwards is driving under the influence of drugs. The scene is so disturbing that MTV posted a warning before it aired. Fans watched as Ryan and his fiance Mackenzie got ready to head to their quickie wedding. The two jumped in the car and Ryan began to drive to the wedding destination. However, fans soon realized that Edwards should not have been behind the wheel of the car.

MTV taking heat for letting Ryan driving while on drugs

In the scene, Ryan Edwards' fiance, Mackenzie Standifer is seen asking him why he is swerving.

He then tells her that it's because the sun is hurting his eyes, and he's having trouble keeping them open. Ryan's condition quickly gets worse as he begins to nod off and falls asleep multiple times while driving the couple to their own wedding. Mackenzie is forced to slap at him to keep him awake behind the wheel, and finally she decides to turn off the cameras in the car because of Edwards' condition. After the cameras are off, Mackenzie can be heard asking Ryan if he took a Xanax, to which he replies no.

According to Us Weekly magazine, "Teen Mom OG" fans were truly shocked by the scene. Even though viewers knew about Ryan Edwards' drug use it was hard to watch such a dangerous situation play out on television.

Now, MTV is speaking out about Ryan getting behind the wheel of a car while high on drugs. The network released a statement revealing that they do "not condone driving under the influence" and claim that Ryan's "erratic behavior" was caused by actions that he took without anyone knowing about them, meaning that Ryan took drugs before driving and that nobody knew he had done so.

Ryan speaks out

Of course, MTV isn't the only one taking heat from "Teen Mom OG" viewers. Many fans called out Mackenzie Standifer for allowing Ryan Edwards to drive in that condition, or not making him pull over after she realized he was under the influence. After the shocking episode aired, Ryan released a statement to fans revealing that he had completed a 30-day stint in rehab and that he was back home and "doing well." Edwards then credited his wife, Mackenzie, and his parents, Jen and Larry, for helping him during the difficult time and thanked fans for all their "well wishes." Fans are looking forward to hearing more updates about Ryan's situation when the "Teen Mom OG" reunion airs next week.