On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Julius Avante has been throwing his weight around for the past week. He has made his position clear to both his daughters in regards to who should have custody of his grandchild Lizzie. Where is his wife Vivienne? Nicole and Maya need their mother during this difficult family crisis. Mrs. Avant is also needed to reign in her spouse. Julius is Running Amuck and giving his opinion where it is not needed.

Julius on the loose

For some time now, Julius has been whispering in Nicole's ear that she should keep the child she gave birth to.

He has been adamant that his daughter should not sign the adoption papers giving Rick and Maya legal custody of Lizzie. He even went so far as to chastise Nicole's husband Zende and tell him how he should feel about the situation. The worst thing Mr. Avant did was to insult his transgender daughter Maya.

Julius never got over the fact that Maya was born male. He and Vivienne named the little boy Myron. He was embarrassed when Myron began wearing women's clothing and acting feminine. Julius was worried about his standing in the community and what his neighbors would think. Now he believes that Nicole should keep her baby because she is the one who carried her in her body for nine months. When Maya says that Lizzie is her daughter, Julius tells her that if she were meant to be a mother she would have been born with what is necessary to give birth.

Vivienne needs to reign in her husband before he creates any more damage

When the Avant's first came to town it was Vivienne who convinced her husband to give Maya a chance and not hold on to the fact that she was born Myron. It took time but eventually, Julius seemed to come around. Now, however, his actions are indicating that he has not accepted his daughter.

It is understandable that if Nicole's only shot at motherhood is Lizzie she would reconsider allowing her sister and brother-in-law to adopt the child.

It is also unfortunate because she gave birth with the intent of giving them the baby they could never have naturally.No matter how it all turns out, Julius should not force his opinion on either of his daughters.

This is why Vivienne needs to show up and reign him in. She can offer both daughters a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. Vivienne can provide the motherly affection that her husband cannot. She will also be able to keep Julius in his place and help him to see things more rationally.