Whether you walk in the daylight, draw power from the moon, or wield the weapons of a Nephilim, you’re heading into “Shadowhunters” midseason premiere with a target on your back. Clary’s fight is far from over, but now we can get a glimpse at what’s to come.

New York’s supernatural underground is in the middle of a great upheaval. The second half of season 2 is primed and ready to address the shocking twists set in motion during “By the Light of Dawn,” and these new titles tell us how.

‘Shadowhunters’ titles revealed

Clary (Katherine McNamara), Jace (Dominic Sherwood), Alec (Matthew Daddario), Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), and Simon (Alberto Rosende) will resume their demon-fighting duties with “Mea Maxima Culpa,” which will air June 5 on Freeform.

The kickoff to the summer run, episode 11 will be followed by these tantalizingly titled hours, as per Spoiler TV:

Ep212: “You Are Not Your Own”

Ep13: “Those of Demon Blood”

Ep14: “The Fair Folk”

Ep15: “A Problem of Memory”

Ep16: “Day of Atonement”

Ep17: “A Dark Reflection”

Ep18: “Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen”

Ep19: “Hail and Farewell”

Ep20: “Beside Still Water”

For a few of these titles, the references to Casandra Clare’s novels are crystal clear. The Seelie Court is coming, as is the third piece of the Mortal Instruments triumvirate - the Mortal Mirror. As for how all the pieces will come together, executive producer Todd Slavkin has the answers.

Who will appear in ‘Shadowhutners’ season 2B?

Picking up just days after the events of the midseason finale, episode 10 will finally introduce us to the boy with demon blood.

The fears Jace harbored throughout the first half of the season will take on a new life when Sebastian (Will Tudor) makes his debut.

“2b begins a few days after 210,” Slavkin tweeted. “And then it's a pedal to the metal thrill ride up to the finale #sebastianscaresme.”

And he won’t be the only new face, either.

In addition to Tudor’s character, viewers can expect to meet the Seelie Queen, head to Idris, and see Simon’s band back together.

“Sebastian, Idris, Imogen, Seelie Queen, Aline, Lone Solid Panda, Bat Velasquez, Malachi, a certain mirror & so much more,” Slavkin teased.

For fans that were disappointed when Clary and Jace didn’t visit the Seelie Court while still harboring the illusion that they were brother and sister, “Shadowhunters” will look to smooth over that transgression by handing the faeries a multi-episode arc.

Find out more when “Shadowhunters” returns to Freeform on June 5. Click the video below to see a preview.