Hey, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. Your favorite show will finally be coming to a permanent end with the upcoming two-hour season 7, episode 20 season finale. All the unanswered questions will finally be answered. The crazy secrets that were never exposed will finally get brought to light. This small spoiler teaser was revealed by Freeform's latest press release by way of Spoiler TV.

'Til Death Do Us Part'

Freeform revealed that the very last episode title is, "Til Death Do Us Part." They started things off by putting in capital letters that all of our questions will finally get answered.

This is where they also revealed that the series finale is going to be a two-hour show instead of just one. So, it definitely sounds like they're going to go out with quite a bang. And they should because it's the end.

What big secrets will get revealed? What questions will get answered? Those are the big questions for this last episode. We will most certainly have to wait until it airs to find out anything. The reason is because Freeform has elected not to give away any specific storyline details for this one other than what we've mentioned. However, it is possible that we may see a few details in the preview clip that Freeform is expected to release tonight after episode 19 airs.

Hopefully, they won't serve up a clip that's just filled with past scenes in an effort to keep everything under wraps.

I've seen this happen with other shows in the past and it's very lame when they do it.

Special tell-all show

Next, Freeform revealed that they're going to show a special one hour tell-all show after the finale. It's going to feature the main stars Troian Bellisario aka Spencer, Ashley Benson aka Hanna, Lucy Hale aka Aria, Shay Mitchell aka Emily, and Sasha Pieterse aka Alison.

The executive producer, Marlene King, will also join them in this discussion. They're going to talk about the show's tightly held secrets, behind-the-scenes insights and the best moments.

Freeform will reportedly air an all-day marathon of season 7 on the day that the finale is supposed to air. That day is Tuesday, June 27.

The marathon is going to start at 10 a.m. CT and will run all the way until it's time for the big finale to air. Be sure to make note of those very important details on your TV calendars.

Spencer at the law office

Spoiler TV posted some promo pics for episode 20. One of them features a scene with all of the five liar girls huddled together in a circle and smiling. The other one is a scene with Spencer sitting down outside the "Hastings & Hastings" law offices building while blind Jenna is escorted out. It looks like it could be a somewhat interesting scene. Whatever the case, it's all we've got in regards to any real specific storyline spoilers at the moment. Again, be sure to look for those new episode 20 preview clips later on tonight to see if they provide any new details.