"Wonder Woman" ended up being the best DC Comics movie since Christopher Nolan finished his "Dark Knight" trilogy. One of the best moments in the entire movie was the "No Man's Land" sequence, and a current interview with director Patty Jenkins said that Warner Bros. tried to force her to cut that scene from the movie. She resisted and the scene will likely go down in history as one of the best in comic book movie history.

'No Man's Land' scene

Patty Jenkins calls the "No Man's Land" scene from "Wonder Woman" her favorite scene from the entire movie.

Jenkins also called it the most important scene in the DC Comics movie and it really showed the moment in time where Diana became a hero. Also, according to Jenkins, it was a scene that the studio did not understand and tried to make her cut. She calls it a "wonderful victory" for her in keeping it in the movie.

The "Wonder Woman" scene in question had Diana stepping into a World War I wasteland, landing between two trenches and then crossing a stretch of land with bullets bouncing off her shield and bracelets. She then reaches a village and helps to save people from the German military.

When it comes to why Warner Bros. wanted to cut the scene, Patty Jenkins said that it was because Wonder Woman was not fighting anyone in that scene.

However, that was the point. Diana is more like the Christopher Reeve version of Superman than anything DC Comics is making right now. This scene showed her as a hero over being a fighter.

Changing DC Comics movies

This could signify a change in DC Comics movies. The biggest complaint about "Man of Steel" and "Batman V Superman" was that they were too dark, too pessimistic, and too bleak.

While Warner Bros. slightly turned a corner with "Suicide Squad," it was still a dark humor instead. With "Wonder Woman," Patty Jenkins has made a movie that brings optimism and heroism back to comic book movies.

Patty Jenkins said that so many superhero movies now are just about good guys fighting bad guys. When it comes to the "No Man's Land" scene, Jenkins said she wanted Wonder Woman to be a hero without fighting anyone, just to save people.

That was the scene about Wonder Woman becoming a hero and it had nothing to do with fighting.

The DC Comics Universe is facing a turning point here. With "Justice League" coming, "Wonder Woman" could mark a change in how Warner Bros. styles their movies and this could help DC finally reach the level of Marvel when it comes to their output.