"The Bachelorette" returns for a third week of drama on Monday, June 5. rachel lindsay will hand out roses at the second rose ceremony of the season and it's not going to go well for two of the guys. According to ABC, Rachel will be eliminated three guys during the first rose ceremony and four more will go home later in the show. Although some take it well, there are some whiners in the bunch. A feud between two guys will go down outside the "Bachelor" mansion after the rose ceremony and it's sure to be more man-drama than we can take.

Roses, dates, and drama

Teasers for this week's episode reveal that DeMario Jackson will try to make a comeback before the rose ceremony. Fans will recall Rachel send him home last week during the group date after his girlfriend Lexi came on the show and put him on blast. Apparently, he wants a second chance, but that's not happening. However, a recent Blasting News report reveals that he is part of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 cast, so all is not lost for DeMario.

After the DeMario situation is out of the way, Rachel will grab her roses and reveal who will stick around and who will go home. ABC reports that Rachel will send three men home, not including DeMario. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Jamey, Blake E., and Lucas "Whaboom" will not get roses during the rose ceremony that really should have aired last week.

There's another one to come later in the show.

And it's not hard to figure out who will get into an argument outside the Bachelor mansion after the rose ceremony. Both Blake and Lucas were on WeTVs "Ex-Isle" – another reality TV dating show — and there's apparently some ongoing feud that's been going on since they were on the show.

Maybe they'll duke it out, maybe not. Tune in on Monday night to watch the lunacy.

Group dates and another rose ceremony elimination

Six guys go on a group date to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show" — check out the video below and watch them dance around with their shirts off. Another guy gets a one-on-one with Rachel and they go horseback riding in Beverly Hills.

And yes, a shopping spree is included. The second group date will be a mud wrestling competition and Rachel's "Bachelor" pals — Alexis, Corinne, Jasmine and Raven — will make another appearance on the show. Because they need more air time before they head to "Bachelor in Paradise," right?

The third rose ceremony of the season will happen after the dates, but ABC will probably tease fans with a "to be continued" message. "The Bachelorette" is not on next week (June 12) due to the NBA playoffs, so that means fans won't find out who gets eliminated until June 19. Luckily, Reality Steve has already released that information. He stated in a tweet that Fred will go home during the Ellen group date and Bryce, Diggy, and Brady will be eliminated during the Week 3 rose ceremony.