Alright "Doctor Who" fans. We've got some wild new spoilers for the upcoming episode 10 of the current season 10 to tell you about. It turns out that some horrifying aliens that are called, "Eaters Of Light" will arrive on the scene at some point. The Doctor and company will try to seek out something very important and get caught up in a very sticky situation! We were able to acquire these spoiler teasers directly from BBC ONE via their official UK website.

Eaters Of Light

The first thing that their brief description revealed is the title of this 10th installment.

It turns out that the producers decided to go with the name: "The Eaters of Light." They decided to title it after the crazy aliens that are supposed to make an appearance in this. The official description starts off by telling us that the Doctor, Bill and Nardole will be trying to hunt down the lost Ninth Roman Legion in their latest adventure. Unfortunately for them, it's going to lead them right smack dab in the middle of an ancient battle that's going on!

Into the dark forever

If that's not enough, they go on to describe this battle as an event that could actually cast all of humanity into the dark forever! Not a couple of hours, months or years. The repercussions are forever! How will the Doctor and company deal with this very compromising situation?

They didn't elaborate on that. So, we're going to be forced to have to wait it out until this episode airs to see how it will all play out. Actually, it's possible that we may get to see a few glimpses of these scenes in the new preview clip for episode 10 that we expect BBC ONE to release after episode 9 airs tonight. You'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for it.

Have to defeat them

Next, they say that something is going to happen inside the cairn. Unfortunately, that's all they mentioned so we can't provide any other details about that at the moment. Lastly, the crew is going to get confronted by some aliens that go by the name: "Eaters Of Light." They describe them as being quite "terrifying." The Doctor and company will have to find some way to defeat them.

Will they be able to defeat the wicked aliens? Or will this be the event that finally causes their demise? We're pretty sure they'll make it through because they need to stay alive to keep the show going. So, it's going to be how they get out of this mess that will make this plotline so interesting. We're definitely going to get some very dramatic and suspenseful scenes to look forward to. That's one thing that we can be sure of.

This episode was directed by Charles Palmer and Rona Munro was brought on to write the script. Also, we can confirm that episode 10 is due to hit the airwaves on Saturday night, June 17,2017, at 6:45pm on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.