"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 is resuming and most of the cast is headed back to Mexico to film the rest of the season. After the Corinne Olympios drama, many believed that "BIP" might be over for good. After all, sexual misconduct is an incredibly serious charge and the public relations fallout from the mishandling of such an event could be detrimental to the entire "Bachelor" franchise.

New 'Bachelor In Paradise' policy

According to TMZ, the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast will see some notable policy changes that Production has made in order to keep their cast and the show safe.

One of the biggest changes will concern what the cast is and is not allowed to bring with them. Namely, drugs.

In a new email to cast that was obtained by the celebrity news outlet, cast members returning to film in Mexico will have their bags inspected upon arrival.

"Upon your arrival, your bags will be inventoried specifically for any over the counter and prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you. Any prescription/illegal drugs will be confiscated," the email says. "All drugs, over the counter and prescribed, must be submitted to the Nurse to keep and dispense accordingly for your stay in Mexico."

So now, if a "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member needs to take blood pressure medication or if they have a headache, they need to see the staff nurse.

Same goes for all prescription and over the counter medications in an effort to control the intoxication level of the cast.

It was reported that production denies that the new drug policy is related the Season 4 sexual assault allegations that almost ended the show. Can we really blame them for trying to eliminate as much risk as possible heading back in?

But what about the booze?

Anyone who has watched "Bachelor in Paradise" in the past knows that the alcohol flows freely during "BIP" filming. It's not unusual for cast members to do all kinds of crazy things when they are drunk. Which is why Corinne Olympios' claims about the previous stint of Season 4 filming shocked almost no one while the possible cancellation of the show did cause quite a bit of upset.

In the aftermath of the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson scandal, "Bachelor in Paradise" alumni Chad Johnson spoke to People. He said that, in addition to the new rules about medication, he wouldn't be surprised if there were new alcohol rules too. Johnson mentioned that upon returning to Mexico, the "whole vibe" is likely to be different. He said that he wouldn't be surprised if production put a limit on how much alcohol the cast was allowed to consume as well.

"Bachelor In Paradise" Season 4 is expected to debut late in the summer on ABC.