Hey, "Doctor Who" fans. Yes, it's true. It's very true. We're going to see Bill get put in a very important but highly pressure-filled position when she's the only one that knows the world and humanity is in heaping amounts of danger! We're talking about the new episode 8 of this current season 10. Bill also might have to make the shocking and deadly decision of offing the Doctor. Oh no! Say it's not so. We have BBC ONE to thank for these very intense spoiler scoops by way of TVmaze.com and their official site bbc.co.uk.

The Lie Of The Land

In their official press release, they also let us know what they've named this installment.

It's called: "The Lie of the Land." According to BBC One's official plot summary, we're going to see that Earth has been heavily invaded, and poor Bill will be all by her lonesome and very isolated in an occupied Britain. What will Bill do to survive in this situation? That's the big question for this storyline.

In major trouble

Next, we're told that The Doctor will be in major trouble because he's imprisoned. If that weren't enough, he's also going to be working with the enemy by flooding the airwaves with a bunch of fake news! Why will the Doctor be doing these crazy things? Will he ever snap out of it? Unfortunately, they didn't give us that intel in this description for obvious reasons. I'm sure they're going to make us tune in to get that important intel.

They're going to release a new preview clip after episode 7 airs tonight, but I'm pretty sure they'll still leave that footage out. You still should look to check it out though because it will certainly reveal some extra details about this episode.

Team up with Nardole

Lastly, they let us know that Bill is going to team up with Nardole at some point, and they'll have to engage in a very deadly mission that will involve trying to rescue the Doctor.

They will also use any means necessary to try and lead the resistance against this crazy new regime that has shown up with their evil invasion. Will Bill and Nardole be able to get the job done? Or will they fail miserably? Those are the burning questions for this part of the storyline. The one thing that we can be 99.9 percent sure of is that this one is going to give us a lot of suspenseful, action-filled and dramatic scenes to look forward to.

There's no doubt about that.

The description that we got from TVmaze.com reads a little differently, telling us that the world is going to be enveloped in a vicious grip that has them totally delusional. Even the Doctor will be under this crazy spell. Bill will be the only one that can see the light so to speak. Like the BBC ONE press release, it tells us that the Doctor will be fighting on the wrong side! Bill will have to take on the very tough task of having to convince him that all of humanity is in very serious life-threatening danger.

Take his life

Lastly, they say that if Bill can't convince him, she may just have to take his life! Will it really come down to that? We don't think so but it's certainly going to get pretty crazy. Episode 8 is due to air next Saturday night, June 3rd,2017 at 7:35pm on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.