With the past installments of the hit seriesJane the Virgin, fans couldn’t help but speculate that the main character, Jane, would never find the real happiness in her life once again. And with its third season concluding just recently, viewers are seemingly right with their perception of the character’s life. However, some believed that the fourth installment of the show would bring in some major shifts to Jane. Will she finally be happy? Does that mean a new love interest for the series’ main character?

Jennie Snyder Urman speaks up

In an interview made with series creator Jennie Snyder Urman, she admitted that “Jane the Virgin” Season 4 would focus on the life of Jane and how she will regain happiness once again.

According to The Christian Post, the past installments of the series showed great despair in the life of the main character as she faced the death of her husband, Michael. However, it seems like Jane has finally moved on as it is believed that she will rise above what had happened and learn to love once again.

Jane chooses: Rafael or Adam?

Moreover, it was reported that when Jane finally decided to tell Rafael about her true feelings, Michael will try to connect to her again through a letter he wrote before they tied the knot. News leaked that Jane, while overwhelmed with her husband’s message, will get to encounter a person from her past, which is Adam. However, rumors speculating that a love triangle would be evident in the upcoming installment were easily debunked by the show’s creator.

Urman stated that Rafael and Adam will not fight for the heart of Jane, but she refused to further explain and elaborate. As she stated; "I want to see Jane fight for her joy, I want to see her go after her happiness, I want to see her open herself up to a new, evolved version of 'happily ever after'"

Who is Adam?

Other than that, Mobipicker reported that Adam will be a very controversial character in the show.

It was told that he shares a youth vibe every time he is around and that he is adventurous. Not just that, it was reiterated that he is single and is very busy with his occupation as an illustrator of graphic novels. It was said that Adam will definitely collaborate with Jane on a project as the latter could write while the former would design.

With that, it is expected that “Jane The Virgin” Season 4 will feature a sneak peek of Jane’s career in writing.

Make sure to not miss out on the premiere of “Jane the Virgin” season 4 this October only on The CW Network.