Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" people. We're going to see Quinn tell Ridge something that totally changes everything for them and more in the upcoming June 19 to June 23rd 2017 episodes. Also, Rick catches some heavy heat from Nicole. The realities of working at Spectra are going to really startle Thomas. Brooke receives a surprising apology and more. These are official storyline spoiler teasers from CBS via the folks at Soaps.com.

Make a confession

They gave us two storyline scoops for the Monday June 19 episode. One of them is going to involve Quinn and Ridge in at least one of the scenes. It sounds pretty serious too.

They say that Quinn is going to make some sort of confession to him that sounds extremely serious because it's going to supposedly change everything between them! What could this major confession be? Will these changes be permanent? Those are the big questions for this storyline.

Next, Rick and Maya are going to have a conversation that involves some legal issues. These particular issues are going to be in regards to the Lizzie situation. They didn't reveal exactly what they'll discuss so we'll be looking to see what that is when this episode airs.

Adoption papers

In the Tuesday June 20 episode, we're going to see Julius find out the issues that are currently taking place with adoption papers. This is going to prompt him to really start thinking about things.

What exactly will Julius be contemplating? That's the major question for this situation. They gave a us one more teaser for this episode. It's going to involve Nicole. Apparently, she's going to really be having a problem trying to keep a promise. Will she compromise her integrity? Or will she go ahead and keep her word? What is this big promise? It should be quite interesting to see which path she chooses to go down.

Next, they revealed another two storyline details for the Wednesday June 21 episode. At some point, we're going to see the big blowout scene that involves Nicole totally going off on Rick. They say that she's going to be highly frustrated and will take it all out on him! Will Rick keep calm when this is happening? Or will he let all the emotions overtake him as well?

We're definitely certain that this should give us a highly dramatic scene to look forward to.

Taken aback

The second teaser for this installment involves Thomas. They say that he's going to really be taken aback by the realities of working at Spectra? What exactly is going to surprise him? This one certainly sounds like an intriguing plotline.

In the Thursday June 22nd episode, Julius will reveal his opinion to Maya and it will really startle her! Nicole and Zende will also share a scene in this one. They say that they're going to see things differently. That sounds like an argument to me. We'll have to wait and see exactly what that's all about.

Startling apology

Lastly, we've got two more scoops for the week-ending Friday, June 23rd installment.

In it, we're going to see a very startling apology thrown toward Brooke's direction. The second scoop tells us that Ridge and Quinn are going to get some assurance from someone that their big secret will remain hidden from Eric. This storyline sounds very intriguing. Stay tuned.

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