Not long ago, Linsey Godfrey shared the news that she would not be returning to "The Bold and the Beautiful." She was moving on, but now it appears that has all changed. Soap Opera Digest shared about how Linsey got a shocking call from the show asking her to return again. Fans were sad to see Caroline go.

Linsey Godfrey shares about the call she got

It turns out that Linsey Godfrey went back to work today on the set of "The Bold and the Beautiful." She won't be airing for a bit, but she is excited to be back to work. Linsey wasn't expecting the call to come back and shared saying, "It was such a shock and such a pleasant surprise, but I definitely didn’t anticipate it." She went on to explain how this show is her home and the people there are like family.

Going back to work was exactly what she wanted to do. She shared that she lives pretty far away from everyone, so it was great to see them again. Linsay she got sweet notes on set and also texts from people who were not there. Linsey did tease that she will be back for a few episodes at least. She admitted she would have even been happy if it was just for one.

Soap operas are known for taking people off the show and then bringing them back again later. It honestly wouldn't be surprising if at some point Linsey Godfrey is back again full-time on the show.

What does this mean for Thomas?

Thomas obviously has feelings for Sally Spectra, and he recently paid off her debt. This relationship isn't an easy one, though.

Now that Caroline is back, that is probably going to confuse everything. Sally shared before that she feels intimidated that he has such a gorgeous woman in his life who happens to be the mother of his child.

As of right now, Caroline is just confirmed for a few episodes. If she is back long-term, they might end up putting her back together with Thomas, but for now, it will probably just a bit of confusion.

They do have feelings for each other plus they share a son. Some fans want to see them together, but others are loving the way that Thomas and Sally are considering they should be enemies and they aren't at all. Now that Thomas has been fired, you never know what will happen.

Are you happy to hear that Linsey Godfrey is coming back as Caroline Spencer?

Were you sad to see her go? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekdays on CBS. It is going to be interesting to see how everything ends up going down with Caroline and Thomas when she returns again.