Hilary Curtis has been manipulating Juliet for some time on "The Young and the Restless." She seized the opportunity to give unsolicited advice to the newcomer in Genoa City. Now she has turned her back and left Ms. Helton to fend for herself.

Hilary's agenda

Hilary likes to throw the rock and hide her hand. She sets things in motion but does not want to get her hands dirty. The person she has an ax to grind with most is her former sister-in-law Lily. For some reason, Lily cannot forgive Hilary for all of the trouble she has caused between Neil and Devon. Every chance she gets Lilly argues with this woman who once was married to her father and then later, her brother.

Now Hilary has set things in motion so that Juliet can cause damage to the marriage of Lily and Cane.

Hilary overheard Juliet and Cane talking about a night they spent together in Tokyo. When her plan to see that Lily found out did not work, Ms. Curtis came up with a different plan. After Juliet was fired from "Brash and Sassy" Hilary suggested that she file a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer accusing Cane of trading sex for a job. Hilary even suggested Leslie as an attorney, and she took the case.

Juliet is left on her own

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Mariah gives Lily a heads up that Hilary is the one who got Juliet the legal shark Leslie as her attorney. Lily is livid and confronts Hilary in front of Jordan who is outraged at what his lover has been up to.

He tells her that this could cause problems for Victoria and "Brash and Sassy," which affects his job. When the man in her life says he is disappointed in her recent actions, Hilary almost looks like she has a conscience.

Later, Juliet shows up and tells Hilary that her case is basically a "he said she said" with her word against Cane's. Helton asks Ms.

Curtis if she will be a witness for her in court because Hilary is the only one she confided in about what happened in Tokyo with Cane. To her surprise, Hilary says no and tells Juliet that she is on her own. Hilary initiated this entire situation and now, she wants to leave Ms. Helton high and dry.

Without Hilary to back her up, Juliet has no actual evidence.

There is also the fact that Ms. Helton only told Hilary that she and Cane slept together. The sex in exchange for a position at "Brash and Sassy" story came straight from Hilary. In her attempt to embarrass Lily, Hilary did not think of the long-term consequences of her actions. Now, she wants to wash her hands of the matter and has left Juliet all by herself.

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