Hey "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. We're about to see a very devious and insidious plan get pulled off by Tripp, and more in the upcoming June 19 to June 23, 2017 episodes. Deimos is about to get closed in on. Chad becomes privy to Abigail's new marriage plans at some point. Chloe is going to reveal a very shocking decision, and so much more. These spoiler details were revealed by NBC by way of Soaps.com.

Gain her trust

Starting off with the Monday June 19 episode, we're going to see the whole scandalous Tripp situation in progress. They say that he's going to be in the midst of shadowing Kayla so he can gain her precious trust.

However, all of this will just be one big ploy to totally frame her for something. So, that sounds extremely serious.

What is he trying to frame her for? Will he be able to pull it off? Those are the big questions for that storyline. It sounds like a situation that will certainly take a few episodes to fully play out. We definitely know it's going to feature a lot of intriguing scenes. There's no doubt about that. That's the one and only scoop they revealed for Monday's episode. However, we're sure it's going to offer up a ton more scenes than that in the one hour it takes up -- minus the commercials.

Get some help

They gave us another single scoop for the Tuesday, June 20 episode. It's going to involve Hope and Rafe. Apparently, they're going to get some help from a person they least expect.

This help will eventually allow them to get even closer to finding Deimos. Who is this surprising source? That's the monstrous question for this particular plotline. It looks like we're going to have to wait until this episode airs to get that intel.

For the Wednesday, June 21 episode, they revealed two teasers. The first one reveals that Chloe is going to let Brady and Nicole know what her ultimate decision is.

They're really going to be quite shocked by it. What is this decision that will leave Nicole and Brady so rattled? Will they be able to get past the shock and calm down? Those are some very important questions for that whole situation. Hopefully we'll see them get answered in this particular episode.

Chad finds out

The second teaser for this installment revealed that Chad is going to somehow find out that Abigail is planning to get hitched with Dario.

How will Chad deal with this new revelation? Will he confront her about it? One thing's for sure, this storyline will definitely offer up some very interesting scenes to look forward to.

In the Thursday, June 22 episode, Claire is going to engage in a very serious heart-to-heart conversation with Marlena at some point. Afterward, she is going to return Ciara's letter to Theo. That's all they revealed for Thursday's episode.

Sonny makes a move

Lastly, for the Friday, June 23 episode, we're going to see Sonny end up making a move at Titan that they say will be very huge and unpopular. So, that sounds like a situation that could lead to something very dramatic. Stay tuned.

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