Melania Trump is beautiful and much younger than her 71-year-old husband, Donald Trump, which is often the stats you see in the begging of a novel setting the scene for an Affair. So it is rather funny that Melania Trump is rumored to be having an affair, which is coming from someone who pens novels.

They couldn't bring Donald Trump down with talk about his eye for the women along with audio tapes from yesteryear that they dug up of a private conversation Trump was having regarding women. Now it looks like it's Melania's turn to ride the rumor wave of infidelity. So who is this accuser and how would she know this?

The rumored affair

According to Perez Hilton, the rumor indicates that the man Melania allegedly has been seeing for a few years is the head of security at Tiffany's in Trump Tower. Monica Byrne, who is being called a "novelist" is making these accusations about Melania on Twitter. She shared this information in a string of tweets that picked up speed with the social media users today.

While Byrne is quick to allegedly slander the first lady's name, she is very stubborn when it comes to naming her source. Her goal for letting this affair be known is so that it will accelerate the rate of self-destruction of Donald Trump. That is probably the only honest thing coming out of all this; it's an attempt to rattle the seemingly hard to rattle president.


Byrne claims that Donald and Melania had planned to divorce if he lost the election, but since he didn't lose, they are staying married. They agreed that as long as Trump remains president, Melania will remain his wife.

Byrne already anticipates Trump and Melania denying these accusations and saying that they will chalk it up to nothing more than fake news, but she is adamant that it is not fake.

Monica Bryne started out with a teaser tweet wondering if she should let the gossip about Melania Trump rip open now, or should she wait? She follows that up with "I'm serious BTW."

Head of security

Whoever the head of security at Tiffany's in Trump Tower is, the poor guy must be inundated with reporters looking for the scoop on an affair he probably knows nothing about.

According to Perez Hilton, there's not much Bryne is releasing about this rumor except where the man works, the man who has allegedly caught Melania's affections.

First of all, it is just ludicrous even to entertain the idea with what the nation knows about the first lady's love and loyalty to her husband today. With Melania and her parents all living together in Trump Tower, her sneaking off and having an affair seems highly unlikely. The way she talks and honors Donald Trump, her husband, it doesn't sound like Melania is an unhappy wife, which is what this rumor has made her out to be.

According to the Inquisitr, Bryne's Twitter profile reads that she's a novelist, playwright, traveler, artist, activist, futurist feminist, and TED speaker.

This would constitute a jack of all trades. Will Bryne soon have "fake news spinner" added to her long list of accomplishments?

Another day, another bit of fake news...

Well, they tried to rattle Donald Trump with all types of fake news in the past. By Bryne's own admission the release of this information is to help Trump on his way along to self-implosion, so there is one heck of a motive for rattling the Trumps with this rumor. But it won't rattle them; it is just another step up the ladder for the fake news folks.

It is probably going to take much more than this to get Donald and Melania Trump feather's ruffled today; they are getting used to being the topic of fake news.

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