Brandy, whose real name is Brandy Rayana Norwood, passed out at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, June 2. TMZ reported that the 38-year-old singer and actress was on a Delta flight that was about to leave Los Angeles, going to New York. She was assisted by flight attendants and other passengers while waiting for medical personnel to arrive. Paramedics and the L.A. City Fire Department arrived quickly. While she was treated by the EMTs, she regained consciousness and was rushed to the hospital for further medical attention and evaluation.

Good news

There was good news about Brandy's condition later on Friday.

Her publicist Courtney Barnes made a statement that the singer was released from the hospital after the big scare. She added that Brandy has been keeping a very demanding schedule by performing in back-to-back concerts and recording new music. Her hectic work schedule simply affected her health. She has also been traveling a lot recently. In fact, she had been on ten different domestic and international flights before she fell ill at the Airport. She had been recording late on Thursday night before arriving at the airport Friday morning for the 5:45 a.m. flight.

Before she was released, doctors advised the Grammy winner to get some rest for the next few days. She was headed to New York because she is scheduled to perform in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

It is unknown whether she will still perform after the Friday morning incident.


About two weeks ago, a rumor began to fly that Brandy might be expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Sir the Baptist, whose real name is William James Stokes. If that is true, it could be a contributing factor to the airport incident. The rumor started after Brandy posted a cryptic message on her Instagram page on May 22.

She certainly hinted that she might be pregnant. Besides, it looked like there was a small baby bump in the photo. The singer responded to the rumor that she is not pregnant. She said she has too much work to do.

Brandy's 14-year-old daughter, Sy’rai Iman Smith, responded on Snapchat to the rumor. She came right out and said her mother isn't having a baby and she is not having any siblings because she enjoys being an only child.

Whether Brandy is pregnant of not, her fans are glad that she is much better after collapsing at the airport early Friday morning. Hopefully she will take the doctors' advice and get sufficient rest.

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