Melania Trump is not a woman who you would call submissive, and she appears to have more independence in her little pinky than any of the previous first ladies who have graced the White House. While people see Melania as snubbing Donald Trump when he goes to grab her hand, others see Melania as someone who wants to stand on her own as an independent woman on the world's stage.

One-up theory

According to an article from CNN, some see Donald Trump as having a tendency to one-up Melania when she resists his hand-holding gestures in public venues. This was last seen when the Donald and Melana Trump arrived in Rome, and the two were standing at the door of Air Force One.

Trump reached over to take her hand, but Melania slipped it right by him, opting to use that hand to brush her hair away from her eyes with her hand. Instead of seeing this as a snub, it could be that Melania wanted to stand as a strong, independent woman. Maybe she wanted to stand on her own just as her husband has time and time again.

Gesture of endearment

Trump, who may have the need to have the last word, reached down and put his hand on "her behind," describes Michael D' Antonio in his opinion piece from CNN News. This is one of the small and usually unseen moments between couples, which is usually a gesture of endearment.

The internet exploded with suggestions as to why he touched her backside after she slipped her hand away from his.

The online world had Trump's marriage on the rocks, and as D'Antonio writes, this display may have looked on Trump's part as coming "recklessly close to a crude display of male ownership."

Does it really need to carry all negative connotations when Donald Trump makes a subtle move that is caught by the cameras? It's not as if he went to spank or slap her backside; it was a gentle glide.

Child-like theory

D'Antonio quoted a body language expert who was interviewed by The Independent. This expert suggested the hesitation seen on Melania's part when it came to holding her husband's hand could have a simple explanation --- she doesn't want to be treated as a child. If Donald and Melania Trump didn't hold hands in public before he made it into the White House, why should they change their interpersonal behaviors for the sake of the cameras today?

Take a look around you

All the suggested reasons for Donald and Melania's behaviors that are listed above have certainly been witnessed between other married couples before. The causes of these behaviors for other married couples are vast, including marital discord. But does it really need to be that complicated for the first couple?

Melania might just want to appear independent in the public arena, and just maybe Hand holding is something you do with a child in they eyes of Melania Trump. Donald Trump might harbor a need to have the last say in things, which was what was suggested by his action of putting his hand on her backside. He also might be a man needing to show some degree of ownership, but then again he might not be.

Hand holding has become quite the controversy these days when it comes to Melania and Donald Trump but just think about the actual act of hand holding. The couple has been married for over a decade, and Trump is in his 70s, with Melania in her late 40s. Look around you for couples holding hands when you are at the mall, in the airport, riding the subway, or walking around downtown.

Just how different are the Trumps?

How many couples do you see holding hands? How many couples who are Melania and Donald Trump's age are walking through the crowd hand and hand? Chances are you may see one, but probably not. Hand holding is not a popular behavior among married couples while going about their daily activities.

While past presidents have all been seen holding the hands of their first ladies, that's probably because it's one of the things that's traditionally done. In the pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama out in public together since leaving the White House they aren't holding hands. It appears that for some reason, hand holding is something expected of the first couple while in office, may be because it looks good to the masses.

PDA, not their thing?

Donald Trump doesn't go in for putting on a show; he opts to be who he is when in the public eye. You never see the president sway from his typical behaviors while in public venues. If he runs ahead of Melania, it's probably because he is in a hurry to get on with business.

All the years that Trump has spent as a business mogul, he didn't have to stop and wait for Melania when going to a meeting or even into his office. She didn't go to work with him. Today you are just seeing Trump for who he is... a man not putting on a fake persona for the sake of the public."

It doesn't mean he lacks respect for Melania or that he loves her any less, the guy is a go-getter, and he's off and running to his destination as soon as his feet hit the ground. This type of determination to get the job done is what eventually get results for the American people!

Body language

The online world seems to have an overabundance of body language experts today who are offering different opinions from every corner of the nation about Melania and Donald Trump's relationship.

Take a look at your parents, your neighbors, your siblings and their spouses when they are out in public together. Chances are you won't see anything different than you do from Donald and Melania Trump.