Actress Mary-Louise Parker is having a serious nanny issue. The former "Weeds" star claims that her nanny allegedly took advantage of her debit card to the tune of $30k plus when shopping for her children.

What happened to Mary-Louise Parker is a real crime

Parker's nanny, Amanda Hoston-St. Louis, 33, was arrested on June 20th after Parker reported that she allegedly withdrew over $3,000 in cash from her bank account twice in the month of April according to TMZ.

'Weeds' star Mary-Louise Parker set to star in Stephen King series 'Mr. Mercedes'

Mary-Louise was notified by her bank that large amounts of cash were being withdrawn.

She then called the police to make a report. After a police investigation, Parker was made aware that this is not the first time that Amanda had reportedly skimmed cash off the bank card. As of now, Parker's former Nanny has been charged with several counts of identity theft, grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Hoston St-Louis, however, had permission to use the star's debit card but, only for purchases for her teenage son, William Atticus Parker, and her young daughter, Caroline Aberash Parker. This recent breach of trust has to be very upsetting for Mary-Louise.

Hoston-St. Louis was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court earlier today and released without bail. It is not known at this time when Amanda will be due back in court to face the judge.

Several celebrity news media sites have unsuccessfully attempted to contact her for comment.

Mary-Louise Parker is best known for her role as Nancy Botwin, a weed selling widow, who gets involved in selling marijuana to make ends meet. Parker's film credits included "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Boys on the Side." Parker has remained a very busy actress over the years with television appearances in 2017 on "When We Rise," "Billions" and in the upcoming Stephen King series "Mr. Mercedes."

Stephen King fans are looking forward to seeing Parker in the television series when it begins airing this summer in mid- August.

It is going to be a big year for King fans with Mr. Mercedes, and the remake of the "IT" which will hit theaters in September.


Mary-Louise is currently filming her new movie "Red Sparrow" which will be released in 2018. There has been no indication of when this will all go to trial and how much of her life will be disrupted with the court case and the search for a nanny replacement.