The TLC Reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" explores weight gain and weight-loss in morbidly obese people. Because show participants undergo bariatric surgery, critics fault them for cheating. These and other gastric bypass myths plague show participants Chay Guillory, Bettiejo Elmore, and others. But there's much to learn about diet from these obesity experts. Even TLC's "most-hated" Steven Assanti can teach a thing or three about losing weight.

Lessons learned from Bettiejo Elmore on weight-loss

After gastric bypass surgery on "My 600-lb Life" Bettiejo Elmore found the real work had just begun. That's one myth busted --bariatric surgery isn't plastic surgery or a tummy tuck.

It requires diet and exercise like any other program. Bettiejo can't give too much info until her update, but she's planning a series of talks in which she will tell her story and hopefully help others on their road to slim. When she posted about it on Facebook, some folks said there was nothing a still-obese person could teach about weight-loss, but because Elmore is still in the process and working toward a goal weight, she can speak of the ongoing challenges as they come.

What Chay Guillory can teach about weight-loss

When Chay Guillory came out as transgender, that put a different twist on his "My 600-lb Life" story. Chay, now Lola, and Dr. Now talked a lot about gender reassignment as well as bariatric surgery. With so much focus on her LGBT makeover, much of her remarkable weight-loss transformation was overlooked.

But Lola has much to offer too. After a sedentary life of obesity, she's now a workaholic with a massive Instagram following. In the update show, Guillory explained the struggle to eat healthy with a busy schedule. Her tips on navigating diet, exercise and work after weight-loss surgery would be invaluable.

Even (especially) Steven Assanti has much to offer

Facebook fans of "My 600-lb Life" have voted Steven John Assanti the most annoying of all the reality television show participants. He's bossy and bull-headed, but he also has chutzpah and determination. Those qualities are critical to weigh-loss. Despite clashes with Dr. Now and opioid drug addiction, Steven lost weight.

The last fans saw was the virtually bedridden man getting kicked off the reality TV show. Yet he posts daily that he's active and enjoying life. If Assanti got that far without TLC, imagine how far he'd go with help. Assanti has a huge Twitter reach and wants his own reality show. If he cleans up his YouTube "Fatboygetdown" reputation, he could be a strong voice for healthy living.

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