The case of Teresa Halbach has been running since 2005. Now, the case still continues and is documented in the continuation of Making a MurdererSeason 2. In fact, there is a new twist fans are about to see in the show.

Steven Avery’s attorney Kathleen Zellner revealed that she has a new suspect in mind that might be the real responsible for the photographer’s death. That is the victim’s former boyfriend Ryan Hillegas. With that, she has filed a 1,272-page motion in the state of Wisconsin, requesting a new trial for her client for the “interests of justice” that can be viewed on her website.

Hillegas motive to kill Halbach

Kathleen Zellner strongly believed that Ryan Hillegas still liked Teresa Halbach even if they were already broke up. And this could possibly lead to jealousy that made her allegedly killed her.

She even revealed that the victim’s ex-boyfriend tried to win her back after she started a sexual relationship with her then-roommate Scott Bloedorn. However, this story was twisted by her former lover when he narrated a different tale when he swore in the original trial.

This might be because Bloedorn happened to be Hillegas' best friend as the appeal revealed. The legal representative explained that Ryan Hillegas committed perjury at the hearing when he said Teresa Halbach and Scott Bloedorn only had a friendly relationship and nothing sexual.

The claim was even be supported by the transcript of the trial, saying he described the two’s romance as just roommates.

Halbach’s roommate not surprised of the lawyer’s new suspect

Kathleen Zeller strongly believed that Ryan Hillegas should have been thoroughly investigated as one of the possible suspects of Teresa Halbach's murder, knowing that he also had the motive to murder his ex-girlfriend.

He, too, couldn’t give the right answer about his whereabouts when Halbach was killed on Oct. 31, 2005. The lawyer also indicated that Scott Bloedorn’s tone has changed when an investigator told him that she has a plan to reveal a new possible suspect in the murder. This happened when the victim’s roommate declined to talk to the post-conviction investigator.

Wrongfully accused

To recall, Kathleen Zellner has been vocal that Steven Avery was wrongfully accused. The alleged murder of Teresa Halbach was said to be a malicious reason of the law enforcers to keep him imprisoned.The filing also named the detainee's other trial lawyers Dean Strang, Jerry Buting and his post-conviction counsel Suzanne Hagopian and Martha Asksins as complicit to the false conviction.