In less than a month,LuciferSeason 2 is set to be back to the small screens continuing the adventure of the protagonist formerly known as Samael. Fox has now dropped the official trailer of “Lucifer is Concocting a Plan” and the synopsis of the next 14th episode “Candy Morningstar.”

Official synopsis

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has cut all his connections from his family and work after Chloe’s (Lauren German) near death experience. However, when the new murder of a rising guitarist is reported, he comes out in the open again with a new mystery woman.

Also, it looks like his mom Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is not yet giving to bring his son back to heaven. In fact, she now has another idea how could she bring them home in the upcoming “Lucifer” season 2 episode 14.

Cut back episodes

Moreover, Fox stores the final four episodes of “Lucifer” Season 2 for the upcoming third chapter. The network has come to this decision because of its scheduling reasons. But, this won’t affect the show’s third installment as it will remain to have 22 episodes.

The television series’ producers fully understand the banking of its four episodes and even agreed to the network’s new scheduling. “Honestly, they love the show, they just didn’t have anywhere to air the extra episodes until the fall,” executive producer Joe Henderson explained.

The move has been foreshadowed by the company’s summer schedule and new release dates for its other shows. Hence, from nine episodes it will be down to only five chapters making the final episode to air on May 29.

In fact, Henderson revealed that the show will now end with only 18 episodes as originally planned. “We designed this season to be an 18 episode arc because we originally were going to be 18 episodes,” he shared on Twitter.

“But then we got 4 more! Surprise!”

Henderson unveiled that they would create another four episodes that will feature deeper character stories with a different format for the third season. These additional chapters could stand on its own but will still continue the storylines that have been introduced in the show along with new stuff that will be seen in the next chapter.