'Little People, Big World' recently aired its season finale, which showed the birth of Zach and Tori Roloff's son, Jackson, and the highly anticipated meeting between Amy Roloff's past and future: her ex-husband Matt, and her new boyfriend Chris.

Matt Roloff meets Chris on 'LPBW' Season Finale

In the season finale of 'Little People, Big World,' Chris expressed his desire to finally meet Amy's ex-husband, Matt. During the episode, Chris said that it would be nice and polite if he stopped by and formally met Matt, especially since he has only seen him from a distance.

Amy initially panicked over the thought of Chris and Matt meeting for the first time and had her reservations as to whether she would allow this to happen. The TLC reality star admitted that Matt shared the same sentiments as Chris' and asked to meet her new boyfriend.

In the end, the 'Little People, Big World' star decided to let Matt and Chris meet. Matt welcomed Chris with open arms and told him that he heard nothing but good words about him from his children. Chris told Amy that Matt was nice and friendly despite Amy's presumption that Matt would become rude.

Amy Roloff still bitter over Matt's new romance with Caryn?

While the 'Little People, Big World' Season finale has shown that everything is good between Amy's past and present, the same could not be said for Matt.

Amy told Chris that their meeting would not be as frequent as they would like to despite the fact that Chris and Matt have already met each other formally. "I don’t ever see myself getting together, he and Caryn, you and I. No," she said.

This made a lot of viewers of the show wonder whether Amy was still feeling bitter over Matt's new girlfriend, Caryn.

In previous episodes of the show, Amy admitted that she found it awkward to see that her close friend and employee from the farm was now her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

Despite Amy's reservations to see Matt, the two stars of 'LPBW' are trying their best to keep things civilized and work out on their differences, especially since their son, Zach, and his wife, Tori, recently welcomed their child, Jackson.

Both Amy and Matt were displaying wide smiles as they saw Jackson come out of the delivery room.

The birth of baby Jackson was featured in the season finale of the show. More details on the youngest member of the Roloff family are expected to be featured in the upcoming season of 'Little People, Big World.'