Rihanna, 29, was captured by the paparazzi while kissing with a misterious man and drinking champagne together in a pool, in Ibiza, Spain. Social networks went crazy and everyone wanted to know who her new boyfriend was. Well, the mystery was solved: Rihanna's new man is the Saudi billonaire Hassan Jameel, 29. He is the vice president of Abdul Latif, a major company dedicated to global investment. He has a net worth estimated at $ 1.5 billion. He owns the rights to sell Toyota cars throughout Saudi Arabia. They have been dating for several months and "RiRi" confessed to being in love with him to her friends.

Love life

It is not the first time that Jameel is linked with a celebrity. It is rumored that he was dating British supermodel Naomi Campbell, 47, but the romance was never confirmed by either. "RiRi" had a brief relationship with the Canadian musician Drake, 30, but the bond was never solid and ended sooner than expected. Then she was linked with the NBA player Kevin Durant, 28, but she never confirmed that relationship. Everything seems to indicate that the singer and the businessman have been dating in secret for several months but in last days decided to show up publicly. In fact, a Spanish woman, Rachel Roisin, claimed to have seen Rihanna and her new boyfriend at "Amnesia" disco, in Ibiza.

What the Rihanna fans say

When everyone heard about RiRi's new romance, social networks went wild and the singer's fans were very happy to see her so in love.

The Barbadian beauty is a successful singer who has little time for love, so her followers support her in every romance she starts. Unfortunately, her relationships are short -lived because she is very commited to her artistic career. The ''Don't stop the music'' hitmaker is one of the most talented singers of her generation and one of the most influential artists among teenagers.

Her influence is beyond music since "RiRi" is also a fashion icon and one of the best dressed celebrities in the world.

The Barbadian beauty created the "The Believe Foundation" that helps children with terminal illnesses. She has also collaborated in the fight against AIDS and cancer. RiRi is always interesed in how Third World countries are working for education to improve their situation.

She is always aware of what happens in Barbados, her native country, to which she is constantly helping through donations of money that she sends in silence.

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