Lindsay Lohan is coming back! The actress, who has been popular with her previous TV shows, is making a comeback on the small screen for a British sitcom, "Sick Note." The announcement was made official on Monday through her Instagram account. The actress posted a photo of the set alongside other co-stars like Rupert Grint and Nick Frost.

The actress sported a red bob in the photo while adding a caption, "Back on the set of my new TV show #SickNote." As she returns to TV, fans should expect that they will be able to see a new and different version of Lohan.

To recall, she used to do shows like "Mean Girls," but right now, she is hard at work for the second season of the comedy series.

Katrina West

"Sick Note" is a popular British comedy show that centers the life of Grint who has been stuck in life after having been diagnosed with a terminal illness. The series will feature his trials and hardships as he tries to hide his health status to his families and friends.

Meanwhile, Lohan will play the character of Katrina West, the daughter of Grint. Jo Sargent, the series executive producer, revealed that they are very much thrilled having Lohan in the series. He added that the entire production is very excited to welcome an extraordinary actress like her in the second season.

On the other hand, the actress has been very vocal about her desire to get back on the small screen. To recall, she last appeared on TV back in 2014 in one of the episodes of "Broke Girls." Since then, the former child actress disappeared from the spotlight.

'The Little Mermaid' live-action

In one of her previous post in Instagram, Lohan also expressed her desire to portray the character of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" revival.

Everyone was thrilled with her bizarre post as she shared that "she will sing again." Apparently, it led to speculations that she will portray the role of the mermaid.

Further, during her hiatus on TV, she has also spent some time in Turkey and recently guested on "The View." She also shared some of her works in Syria for the refugee, whom she casually visited whenever she made time.

Right now, "Sick Note" Season 1 has yet to be aired on Sky 1 network. However, the production revealed that season 2 is currently at works following the news which confirmed its renewal.

Apparently, the 30-year old actress is very much excited about her new TV show. As she shared her photos in Instagram, needless to say, she is very much ready for her comeback.