Looking back in the first season of Attack On Titan,” Eren’s disposition to Titans started off when the vicious Giants struck Shinganshina district where his beloved mother died. Eren’s whole life changed after his mother’s tragic death, and he came to despise all of the Titans especially the one that killed his mother, the titan that carries the creepiest and menacing smile. In the post-credit preview of the penultimate episode, the show makers teased that Eren will come face-to-face with the same horror that left him broken five years ago.

How will Eren face the smiling monster? Can Eren transform into a Titan to protect his friends or will the Smiling Titan steal away someone important to him once again?

Eren vs. Smiling Titan

Things continue to heat up as the Survey Corps became desperate in retrieving Eren. Bodies came flying, the carnage continues, and we witnessed how frightful Mikasa and Armin can be just to save their kidnapped friend.

Commander Erwin’s do-or-die strategy worked against the Armored Titan, and they managed to rescue humanity’s hope against the traitorous Titan shifters. However, Eren’s rescue came with a prize as the Survey Corps suffered enormous casualties and Commander Erwin even lost his arm in the desperate charge.

We all thought that it would be a victory for humanity, but Reiner and Bertholdt are not giving up so quickly. According to the official synopsis of episode 37 titled “Scream,” the Armored Titan will bring out another Titan as the Survey Corps evacuate.

Reiner still in his Titan form threw a barrage of Titan into the retreating soldiers and out of the chaos that ensued, the Smiling Titan came head-on to Eren and Mikasa. With Eren’s hatred and enmity for the Titan exploding, Eren will try to transform into a Titan to protect his comrades and to extract revenge once and for all.

Episode 37 spoilers

For manga readers, the events that the synopsis teased is extremely familiar with the final chapter of the 12th volume.

Chapter 50 even shares the same title as episode 37. We all know that one of AoT’s strongest suits are the horrific demise of the characters in the series and the season finale will be full of it.

In the manga, the soldiers are retreating, but Eren and Mikasa got thrown off their horse because of the Armored Titan’s attack. The bloodthirsty Smiling Titan emerged and approached the adopted siblings, but Hannes came to their rescue.

The Garrison soldier attempted to kill the Titan, but Hannes fell on the Titan’s hand only to get eaten. However, through Eren’s grief and anger, he accidentally activated a new power that enabled him to control the Titans.

What is Eren’s new power? Is it why Reiner and Bertholdt so hell-bent on capturing him? Let us find out in “Attack on Titan” Season 2 finale on June 17, Saturday, 10:30 P.M. +08 via live stream with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.

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