Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift became a media sensation when they started dating. The pair were a couple for a year, from 2015 to 2016, before they called it quits. The couple appeared very happy together. Both Harris and Swift constantly posted out pictures of their relationship to social media. There was no indication as to the beginning of the end of their relationship and fans were shocked to hear about the break-up.

Calvin Harris comes clean about his bad behavior post break-up

Harris has come clean about his public blasting of Swift in the month after their break-up.

When Swift and Harris were still an item they co-wrote a song together. This song turned out to be Calvin Harris's top-hit "This Is What You Came For". Shortly after their relationship ended, the fact that Taylor co-wrote it was released to the press. Harris accused Taylor that both she and her production team had leaked the information. He believed they did this maliciously to try and discredit his work as a musician. However, Calvin Harris has publicly admitted that his behavior was something he was not proud of. The musician agrees to have tweeted out in anger and has since deleted the series of accusatory statements. Harris admitted that the attention he was receiving from the media after their break-up was too much.

It eventually pushed him over the edge resulting in his public trashing of his ex-girlfriend.

Calvin Harris did not want his relationship to be a media circus

Harris admits that he found the attention difficult when he and Taylor were an item. He said that he didn't want their relationship to get caught up in the media but when you are dating a big star this is surely bound to happen.

The pressure of the media was there from the start of their relationship and only grew the longer the pair saw each other. With Taylor Swift moving on with tom hiddleston shortly after the break-up one has to ask if they were the right fit.

Harris deeply regrets the bitter end to the pair's relationship. He added that they were clearly not supposed to be with one another hinting that the relationship was more idealized than it appeared.

Harris clearly does not like being in the limelight and in that regard perhaps he would be better off dating someone who is outside the industry. Or, certainly, someone who has a lower profile.

Since the pair's split they have both moved on. Swift briefly dated Tom Hiddleston and is now currently in a relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.