In this current era of social media, a lot of individuals have been building their empires purely online. It is practically building a whole image and business trademark with just a few clicks and swipes on a smartphone or laptop. If there's one celebrity or TV personality who can best embody a person who has successfully built a business empire through social media, it would be Kim Kardashian.

The reality star has come a long way, from being Paris Hilton's assistant and closet-cleaner to being one of the most followed and influential celebrities on Instagram.

The trend for being famous on Instagram, or Insta-famous, is already building up among internet-savvy individuals and the queen of social media shared some tips and secrets attributing to her success.

From simply posting selfies and photos of her outfit of the day or OOTDs, Kim Kardashian has slowly but surely built an Instagram following that has helped her achieve where she is now. Recently, the 36-year old actress has bene invited to attend the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit. There, she sat down with Steve Forbes and shared her thoughts and insights through a talk entitled "Evolving The Empire: Kim Kardashian-West On Reigning Supreme."

Business ventures and endorsements

There's Kim Kardashian, and then there are those lifestyle bloggers who are still starting out but are earning more than expected.

A few decades ago, only celebrities and TV personalities can be considered as legit product endorsers. But now, anyone who has a decent following on Instagram can be tapped to endorse a certain brand or product.

Kim Kardashian's social empire pretty much started from her selfies and subtle endorsements, and now, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has already started building her own brand.

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Even her little sister, Kylie Jenner, has already begun her make-up empire with almost all of her newly-launched products going out of stock just a few minutes after posting on the internet.

Be authentic and listen

As most self-help books promote, being yourself is the best way to gain friends and secure oneself in a social group.

Even Kim Kardashian herself stands by being authentic, as she shared with a 300-person audience during the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit.

Aside from being authentic, the celebrity mom of 2 also advised that listening to the wants and needs of the audience and her followers are also important. Kim Kardashian admitted that she takes the time to think about what to post on Instagram and that it's not really just click and post behind the scenes.