Universal's new monster film “The Mummy” hit the global cinemas on June 9, 2017. This movie rose from Thursday night projections to a final $140 million weekend launch in 60 markets worldwide. That is far below the Thursday night previews of “Wonder Woman” ($300 million).

Will “The Mummy” touch the $1 billion mark? To be honest, it seems to be impossible since the movie has received negative comments from critics and audiences. So, it’s tough for the Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella movie to gross anything more than $700 million during its theoretical run.

The monster movie in major markets

So far, “The Mummy” has been released in 62 international markets including China, England, Canada, Japan, India, and other parts of the world. Though it is the major Tom Cruise movie of the year, “The Mummy” is beaten out by “Wonder Woman.”

In China, the film grossed only $22 million in its opening weekend – in the United Kingdom and Japan, it made up to $40 million in its opening weekend. “Wonder Woman,” on the other hand, earned over $104 million in its opening weekend and was released in more than 70 major markets in the world.

Cruise’s previous top domestic and international openings were 2005 science fiction “War of the Worlds” ($102 million). Directed by Steven Spielberg, this Tom Cruise film did excellent business at the box office.

“Mission: Impossible,” on the other hand, was released in 55 major markets in the world.

The film grossed over $63 million in just three days, making Tom Cruise the best Hollywood actor. Early projections revealed that “The Mummy” will gross something from $40 to $65 million at the box office. Though the movie has been released in Korea, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan and France, we feel that it won’t touch the $1 billion mark during its theoretical run.

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Why did the movie fail?

There are a lot of reasons “The Mummy” failed to impress the audiences and critics. First of all, its story is similar to what we saw in “The Mummy Returns.” Also, the film has boring action sequences and visual effects. Overall there is nothing too impressive in “The Mummy” that could make it a top-earning movie this summer.

In contrast, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wonder Woman” got impressive visuals. Also, the stories of those films are unique, and of course, star performances have been admired by the audiences. Universal may cancel its plans to develop the “Dark Universe” movies as “The Mummy” is interconnected with those films - it has been a major disaster of the month.