Kim Kardashian has apologized to fans for what they believed was the reality star’s skin being in blackface to promote her forthcoming KKW beauty products.

The reality star had been gearing up to promote the launch of her own makeup line, in partnership with Kylie Cosmetics.

With sources having already claimed that the mother-of-two has attracted millions of people in her products, Kim Kardashian made sure she went all the way to promote the beauty line as much as she could before its official launch date.

When promo photos of a photoshoot showing Kim looking rather dark-skinned surfaced online, social media users quickly reacted, stressing that the TV personality looked like she was in blackface as opposed to promoting her different shades of makeup.

Social media reaction prompted apology

It left such an outrage with people, including her own fans, that Kim took the time to make it known she was deeply disturbed by the fact that she didn’t see the problem with the photos, to begin with.

She’s completely sorry for the fact that people perceived the photos as being offensive and somewhat racist, adding that her intentions were never to offend or hurt people that may have looked at the photographs as being suggestive of something other than promoting her makeup brand.

“I would obviously never want to offend anyone. I used an amazing photographer and a team of people. I was really tan when we shot the images, and it might be that the contrast was off,” Kim apologetically tells New York Times.

The social media fanatic goes on to mention that before sending out the photos as part of her promotional plan, the images were sent to multiple business partners, along with her dedicated team, and nobody pointed out a possible concern regarding possible blackface backlash.

Kim stresses that she didn't see the issue at hand

Kim notes that nobody got the impression she had ill intentions at hand, which is why the thought of the photos being looked upon as somewhat racist didn’t even cross her mind until thousands of people were outraged enough to say that the photos are short in very poor taste.

Kardashian has apologized for her actions and mentions that she has taken down the original photos. Editors have since retouched the photos to reveal a somewhat lighter complexion — one that’s nowhere near as dark as the initial images Kim has posted online.

It’s unclear whether the range of makeup where she looked reasonably darker is still going on sale once the KKW beauty line opens later this month.