Adam Lind is being accused of the unthinkable. According to a new report, the "Teen Mom 2" star's ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, the mother of his youngest daughter, Paislee Mae, has accused Lind of suffering from anger issues and killing two of her puppies.

Following news claiming Lind had tested positive for meth, Radar Online has obtained court papers for the Circuit Court of Minnehaha County in which Halbur, who was seen during previous seasons of "Teen Mom 2," has requested a judge deny Lind's request for unsupervised time with their daughter. As she explained, Lind is a “dangerous person, Adam Lind has” and since he found fame with viewers of MTV, his life has allegedly spun out of control.

According to Halbur, Adam Lind currently views himself as someone who is above the law and doesn't have to abide by the general rules of humanity. She also claimed in her court filing that he was suffering from what she labeled as “serious anger issues.”

Adam Lind killed two of Taylor Halbur's puppies

Halbur, who briefly dated Lind years ago, revealed that not only is her ex-boyfriend reportedly suffering from anger issues, he's also quite violent and allegedly murdered two of her puppies. In addition, Halbur continued, Lind was accused of killing a third dog during a relationship with someone else who she did not name.

"If you hurt a dog, you will hurt a child!” Halbur's papers read.

Taylor Halbur claimed Adam Lind is using steroids

Halbur said in her documents that she's personally seen needles strewn around the reality dad's home and photos of Lind with needles from others.

She also noted that his steroid of choice was Winstrol. Although Lind hasn't confirmed that he uses the drug, Halbur suggested the steroid had led to violent behavior and on one occasion, he knocked their infant daughter to the ground while attempting to rip Halbur's cell phone out of her pocket. She also said Lind once pinned her against a wall and yelled.

Has Adam Lind held Paislee hostage?

According to Halbur, she's had to call the police twice on Lind after he allegedly refused to give Paislee back to her. As for Lind's oldest daughter, Aubree, it is unclear when he sees the child and on "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea Houska has made it clear that she is not entirely comfortable with Lind having their daughter without supervision.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup was first to confirm that Adam had allegedly failed a drug test in April.

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