Kendra Wilkinson is devastated with her mom Patti's decision to reveal all of their family business, including her husband Hank Baskett's transsexual affair in her new tell-all book.

Kendra Wilkinson gives her mom a choice, her book, or her family.

The once extremely close mother and daughter are now drifting farther and farther apart with each passing day. Kendra obviously would like nothing more than never to have to relive the worst moments of her life.

Hank and Kendra fear reliving painful scandal will bring bad marital troubles.

The truth hurts!’ Patti screams at her furious daughter after Kendra Wilkinson confronted Patti about her plans to profit off her humiliation and heartbreak in her new book.

This drama is getting ready to go down on Wilkinson's reality television series, "Kendra On Top." The wounds are still fairly fresh for Wilkinson despite the fact that Hank's trans sex scandal happened back in 2014. Reality fans will notice the pain on Kendra's face when reliving her husband Hank Baskett's cheating scandal details over again. Hank, 34, was caught in a nasty cheating scandal three years ago with trans model Ava Sabrina London.

The scandal as you can well imagine caused a major blow-up with Kendra and Hank's marriage. The couple split up for a period, reunited and have been working together to remain a family ever since. Now, Patti is ripping off that band-aid and is bound and determined for a price, to tell the scandalous story all over again in her tell-all book.

“You would have to write about Hank and the scandal and me,” Kendra screams at her mom in the clip. “You can have your family back, or you can write this book!”

Kendra throws out the mighty ultimatum at her mother, but Patti refuses to budge. She is going to write her book no matter who it hurts. It is a shame too, Patti has to know that doing this is causing her daughter pain and sorrow.

She is also going to hurt her grandchildren in the process.

Hank IV is 7-years-old now, and Alijah is three. It will not be much longer before it will be impossible to hide the family sins from the children. Patti may really want to reconsider before she does something that will forever cost her Kendra and her two grandchildren.

Sadly, it is precisely this type of thing that could forever outcast her from the family.

At her age do you believe it is wise to choose fame and money over family loyalty? It could be the worse decision she ever makes in her life. Hope she thinks it all through. What are your thoughts on Patti's plans to tell Hank and Kendra's painful story?

The new season of "Kendra on Top" premieres Friday, June 23 at 10:30 p.m. on WE tv.