Most Generation Xers and Millennials grew up with Candace Cameron Bure. Her name epitomized a cute kid whom we all liked and wanted to know. Now in her 40s, she continues to win fans resuming her role as J.D. Tanner Fuller on Netflix Series "Fuller House," but there is so much more to than her prolific acting career. Bure is also an author of four books: the most recent one is coming out later this year. She is also known as a producer, talk show co-host, inspirational speaker and activist. She recently conducted a video interview where she discussed many things with Blasting News.

Learn a little more about Candace Cameron Bure

When Bure was young, she was a common face in many popular shows of the 1980s. She had guest-starring roles on many hit shows including "St. Elsewhere," "Who’s the Boss" and "Growing Pains" (the series where her brother Kirk Cameron played teen heartthrob Mike Seaver). She was on a “very special episode” of "Punky Brewester" where she was a girl who had been abducted by her dad and she saw her picture on a milk carton. Good roles kept coming her way. Just before "Full House" came about in 1987, she portrayed Eric Stoltz littlest sister in teen classic "Some Kind of Wonderful." "Full House" continued to run until 1995.

Even while on Full House, she kept adding to her resume by acting in other TV and film projects.

Post "Full House" she kept in the spotlight through acting and hosting gigs. She could often be found as an interviewee on many retrospective 80s shows. She co-hosted E! network special "50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up" with Keisha Knight Pulliam from "The Cosby Show." She then went on to star on another series called "Make It or Break It" and she is a regular on productions for the Hallmark Channel.

"Fuller House: was launched in 2016 with Bure on-board.

Even though Bure was not trained as a dancer, she did very well when she was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2014. She also spent a year as a co-host of "The View" from 2015-2016.

Bure is very close to her family. She married pro hockey player Valeri Bure in 1996 and they are the proud parents of a daughter and two sons.

She is verbal about her Christian faith and she is one of very few celebrities who publically identifies as a political conservative.

Candace Cameron Bure recently dished to Blasting News on video from the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions property in Sandusky, Ohio about her early career, her books, how she kept up with former cast mates, what’s new with her, what she likes to do for fun, what she thought about leaving "The View", how her conservative politics affect her in Hollywood, what’s going on with Fuller House and projects on the Hallmark Channel, the importance of family vacations and more.

See the complete interview with Candace Cameron Bure below.

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