Kendall and Kylie Jenner added their new t-shirt line to their website recently and have been attacked as a result. Their new line caused public outrage as they used images of famous musicians and then layered their own faces over these images. Fans and family of the artists have called the Jenners out for exploiting the success of musicians like Tupac and The Notorious Big without anyone's consent.

Kylie and Kendall misuse images of other artists

According to NME, the Jenner have been facing major backlash including legal threats because of their new t-shirt line.

The pair recently released their new line which included their faces over other musicians. There was outrage over the illegal use of musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Tupac, and Notorious BIG. The Doors former manager, Jeff Jampol has written a legal letter to the Jenner's requiring them to take down their clothing line.

Jampol was not the only person who reached out to the Jenner's through legal means. According to the Rolling Stone, Voletta Wallace's lawyer Julian Petty also sent a letter of cease-and-desist. There has been no commentary for representatives of such artists as Pink Floyd, Metallica, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Shakur. However, as the Jenner's did not request permission to use any of these images it is clear that these representatives would not approve of the t-shirt line either.

Celebrities join in calling the new line 'disgusting'

Celebrities have taken to social media to scorn the Jenner sisters. Among them is Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne whose image featured on the t-shirts. She tweeted at the girls stating that they did not have the right to put their own images over musicians and in a sharp jab told them to stick to make-up.

The mother of The Notorious BIG has also tweeted out at the girls. Voletta Wallace has stated that Kendall and Kylie have disrespected her and her son. She berated the fashion models for using the death of her son to gain profit. Voletta spoke for many as she criticized the decision the Jenners made. She referred to their exploitation as disgusting and highly disrespectful.

The sister has since released a statement apologizing for the upset their line has caused. Kendall and Kylie have told the public that they greatly admire the artists' images that they used and did not intend to disrespect the musical icons. The Jenners have taken this as an opportunity to learn and promise not to make the same mistake in the future.