Jess Walton returned to "The Young and the Restless" on Wednesday in rare form. Her character Jill Abbot Atkinson emerged from a blood red convertible wearing a sexy black dress. Almost immediately the residents of Genoa City began to feel the wrath of Hurricane Jill.

Jill is back in action and ready for a fight

The first situation encountered by Mrs. Colin Atkinson was finding out that her son Billy was once again hitting the sheets with Phyllis. The two women traded barbs with each giving as good as she got. Both stood their ground, and neither would back away from their mutual dislike for each other.

Jill clearly is rested and revived. And she would love nothing better than to take on Phyllis.

On Thursday Mrs. Atkinson next showed up at home Billy is sharing with his brother's ex-wife. She was not embarrassed by couple's state of undress and walked right in and began attacking Phyllis. Billy told his mother that he accepted her relationship with Colin even though he was not fond of the man and expected the same courtesy. Her response was to walk silently out the door. Fans, however, could see hurricane Jill was raring to go. And from there she went throughout Genoa City to catch up on current events.

She went to "Brash and Sassy" and was in her typical rare form. Jill shared with Victoria her outrage that Billy was once again in the clutches of the fiery redhead Phyllis.

And advised her former daughter in law not to give up on Billy and to fight for their relationship. Jill was shocked to find out about the sexual harassment lawsuit against the company and wondered if Cane were guilty. Jess Walton is not missing a beat.

Jill and Dina almost had a cat fight

While at the Athletic Club Jill ran into Dina Mergeron and the two ex-wives of John Abbot had a heated exchange.

Dina introduced Jill to Graham and the two traded barbs about dating stepsons and who was a better wife to John Abbot. The conversation ended when Jill told Dina her fangs were still showing and Ms. Megeron replied that Mrs. Atkinson's claws were still sharp. It appeared for a moment that these two senior women were about to embark in a cat fight.

Now that Jill and Colin have returned to Genoa City things are really going to heat up. Jill Abbot/Atkinson has never been one to mind her businesses. She will get to the bottom of the Juliet /Cane situation and see to it that Phylis loses her man eventually. And if things do not cool down between Jill and Dina fans of "The Young and the Restless" may indeed be in for a literal cat fight. The void that Colin and Jill left while they were traveling is going to be filled now that they are back.