After the band's last tour, "The Broken Leg" tour in 2015, the Foo Fighters have yet to release any new music to the public...until now. The first single of 2017 by FF is simply titled "Run" and if it says one thing, it's this: they are not growing soft. "Run" is heavy, fast, and loud. It's possibly the heaviest song they've ever made, and it shows in the music video that went live on June 1st via their Vevo YouTube channel. The video is just as heavy as the music, and many fans hope that the sound they've created in "Run" will permeate through a possible upcoming studio album in 2017.

The Foo's are back!

Not much can be said about the Foo Fighters over the past year of 2016. They haven't released new music, they haven't toured, they just haven't done much worth noting. And who can blame them? After non-stop writing and touring for the past couple years, I'd say the sextuplet deserves some time off. However, with this video's release, we can count on the Foo's to pull out another studio album over the course of the next 12 months. It's safe to say that if "Run" is any indication of the rest of the album, we're in for a brand new sound from the Foo's. They have changed their sound over the years, and it's easy to see that another change is coming.

A long, long wait

The video for "Run" is a very classic Foo Fighters sort of video.

It is both equally serious and hilarious. The most recent classic FF music video prior to "Run" was called "Walk" -- released in 2014. This video starred the singer and founder of the band, Dave Grohl, as an average Joe getting fed up with the everyday disasters in life, such as people texting while they drive, getting stuck in traffic, or some little 10-year old flipping him off from another vehicle.

Annoyed out of his mind, he leaves his car during bumper-to-bumper traffic and gets away from it all. At times in the video, he beats people up for wearing a shirt that would say something like "Tough guys wear pink." And at the end of the song, the cops track him down and arrest him for being violent.


The beginning of "Run" shows a smiling nurse bringing an old man his dinner and pills for the night.

It's implied that the man lives in a retirement home. He is angered by the woman's behavior, throws away his pills, and then he's wheeled into a room with many other elderly folks as they watch the Foo Fighter's perform "Run." The funny part about the video is that each band member is wearing makeup and wigs to make them all look like stereotypical old people. The song starts and grows with a loud, fast-paced riff that endures throughout the rest of the song. All the while, the elderly folks start a riot and break out of the retirement home like a prison, and wreak havoc in the streets.