On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautifull" Eric meets with Ridge and Quinn to discuss Katie's jewelry pieces. He tells his wife and son that Katie's work is not up to standard and she does not belong in the jewelry department. of Forrester Creations. Eric asks his spouse to fire Katy but Quinn balks at the idea. She eventually agrees and the fireworks fly;

Katie gives full vent to her rage against Quinn

When Quinn tells Katie that Eric no longer needs her services, Katie goes ballistic.She accuses Quinn of sabotaging her and Katie believes Quinn put Eric up to firing her.

Quinn defends herself insisting that Eric alone made the decision. For once Quinn Fuller is the rational voice in the room. She tries to talk Katie down, but to no avail. When Katie mentions telling Eric about Ridge and Quinn's flirtation Quinn reminds her they all agreed to keep quiet because it was in Eric's best interest.

Katie gets up in Quinn's face asking why people like her always come out on top, and those who do things the right way like Katie always lose? Quinn continues to remain calm as she tells Katie over and over to back off. Finally, Quinn pushes Katie away and she falls backward and lands on a chair. Conveniently Katie's purse is underneath her. She reaches in it. pulls out a gun and aims at Quinn.

Now her rage is in full vent.

Eric is to blame this time

This time around the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Eric Forrester. He should never have asked Quinn to do his dirty work for him. Katie is not just an employee but a good friend and also related through marriage. Eric also is aware of the tension between his wife and other members of his family.

This was no time to utilize the workplace pecking order to get a job done.

Eric should have spoken to his friend himself so there would be no doubt that the order to terminate came from him. He has now caused Katie to spiral out of control and there is no telling what she will do. Quinn used to be the one to do crazy things.

She pushed Deacon Sharp off a cliff and kept Liam hidden in her home when he had amnesia. She has manipulated Steffy, Hope, Liam, Ivy, and Steffy all for her own selfish purposes. She has been flirting with and kissing her husband's son and now she is staring down the barrel of a gun because Katy has turned the tables and declared war on her.

Katy is tired of doing the right thing and always coming out on the bottom. She is livid that a conniving woman such as Quinn could end up with a kind man like Eric Forrester. Quinn has always been used to being the stalker but now the hunter has become the prey. It looks like all of Quinn Fuller's dirty deeds may finally be coming back to haunt her.