Last month, "My Secret Romance" made its debut. Starring Sung Hoon ("Noble, My Love" and "Oh My Venus") and Jieun of K-pop girl group Secret ("Superhuman Generation" and "Sweet Home, Sweet Honey"), it was the first romantic comedy to ever air on the Orion Cinema Network (OCN). It is also the network's first K-drama to air on Monday and Tuesdays too. Pertaining to the video-on-demand streaming site, it exclusively aired internationally on DramaFever, and it is the third co-production following "Heirs" back in 2013 and "Cantabile Tomorrow" back in 2014.

Throughout its run, "My Secret Romance" was one of the popular K-dramas to watch internationally. It concluded just recently and has been recognized as the most popular K-drama to watch on DramaFever across all platforms.

'My Secret Romance' is the most popular K-drama airing on DramaFever

According to a spokesperson for DramaFever, "My Secret Romance" concluded as the number one K-drama to air on their VOD streaming site across all platforms. This means that it was the most watched K-drama across all regions of the world, and across all platforms in terms of streaming method.

"My Secret Romance" also had some stiff competition too if we consider all the K-dramas airing this season. "Lovely Love Lie," "Radiant Office," and fellow OCN K-drama "Tunnel" were also available, yet the romcom came out on top.

'My Secret Romance' did well thanks to international K-drama fans

It must be noted that "My Secret Romance" was only popular as is because of international fans tuning in to watch it on DramaFever.

The domestic viewership ratings in South Korea were so low that only episodes 7, 10, and 13 had a high enough amount of viewers to even record a rating. Both episodes 7 and 10 scored only 0.6 percent according to TNmS Media Korea while episode 13 scored 0.486 percent according to AGB Nielsen Korea.

To be fair, the domestic failure for "My Secret Romance" may most likely have nothing to do with the K-drama itself.

In general, all who watched it gave it high marks of praise. However, the fact that it is OCN's first romcom as well as its first K-drama to air on Mondays and Tuesdays may have been the issue. For starters, OCN is a Korean cable network (pay-to-watch) known for crime series, not romcoms. If Korean viewers heard OCN was releasing a romcom, it is probable that they were unsure if it was worth watching. Add in the fact that it aired in a time slot OCN never used before, and it is likely that Korean viewers did not even known OCN had a K-drama airing at that time.

It was a good move for OCN to partner with DramaFever as OCN's K-dramas have been finding international success thanks to VOD streaming sites -- especially with "38 Police Task Force," "Voice," and "Tunnel."

For K-drama fans who are interested in watching "My Secret Romance," it is available for viewing exclusively on DramaFever. Take note that starting this coming Monday, June 5th, episodes 8 to 13 will be exclusive to Premium members only.