The controversy about Josh Duggar is very far from over. It was just a couple of years ago when the scandal about him allegedly molesting five girls was exposed. There were several claims of their parents trying to cover up the controversy by hiding the alleged incident from the authorities. Right now, the family is in the phase of controlling the damages caused by the scandal. However, another issue has surfaced, and it has now dragged the Ashley Madison cheating site.

The cheating site

Ashley Maddison cheating website specializes in assisting affairs between married people.

Josh Duggar according to previous reports used the Ashley Madison website to cheat on his wife using a couple of fake profiles to look for cheating partners. His involvement was exposed when hackers disclosed that the star used two paid accounts on the website. On one of those accounts, he tried to lure another cheater using a fake profile picture, which happens to belong to DJ Matthew McCarthy.

Cases filed

In one of our previous articles about Josh Duggar, we reported that McCarthy filed a case against him. This is due to his use of the former’s photo for his fake profile at the Ashley Maddison site. Matthew McCarthy is a Los Angeles based DJ who claims that his image has been tarnished because of the illegal use of his photo in the said cheating site.

The case filed by the DJ against Duggar is still a long shot.

It appears as though they were just turning the situation into a high-profile fight that the defendant will just have to settle in order to avoid it. As the case, McCarthy’s camp is now involving the website.

Right now, the founders of the cheating site have been issued a subpoena in order to testify in the court if the case moves into the trial.

Most probably, the DJ’s camp believes that the site has the information that could be useful in their case against the star.

It is worth noting that in 2015, the star was sued by an ex-sex worker named Danica Dillon. According to her claims, she was traumatized and injured in a paid sexual encounter with the reality TV series star.

Due to lack of evidence, the case was scrapped.

Most likely, there will be more cases filed against the star in the hopes that they could profit from the scandal Josh Duggar is in. McCarthy’s case is a good example. While the reality TV series star is trying to fix his life one small step at a time, it appears that another issue surfaces and pulls him back.