Pitch Perfect 3" is one of those feel-good movies that devoted fans are dying to watch for the third time. For months, talented mainstay Anna Kendrick’s social media feed has seen a deluge of comments from ecstatic fans. The recent release of a trailer further whetted the appetite of the adoring multitude of fans who have expressed huge support since the original film came out. The trailer showed the lead characters embarking on the next phases of their personal lives and careers while experiencing riotous fun during a world tour.

Pitch Perfect's girl power attracts fans

When Kendrick wrote on her Instagram account that she was “dizzy from rides, sunstroke and girl power” during the “Pitch Perfect 3” cast’s visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, it elicited lots of reactions.

“So excited for the 3rd one to come out! I love you guys,” one fan enthused. Slated to hit cinemas during the festive Christmas season, the third installment promises even more upbeat music, fun, and action from its mainstays.

Kendrick, along with Rebel Wilson, leads the pack of female actresses who have gained legions of fans worldwide. Wilson, who endeared herself to `Pitch Perfect” 1 and 2 fans for her portrayal as the irrepressible Fat Amy, was among those who hinted that a “Pitch Perfect 3” was happening even when “Pitch Perfect 2” had not yet hit cinemas.

Even commentaries that the third installment of the well-loved franchise may see the Barden Bellas eventually fading away into nothingness has not dampened the enthusiasm of movie buffs.Even if the original and sequel made staggeringly high box-office returns, naysayers continued to express doubt the success pattern will hold out.

Naysayers creep out of the woodwork

Some online commenters have even cited that the second movie was not as amazing as the first and that the possibility that movie number three will be any good is not remote. Yet many remain eager and hopeful that the upcoming flick will offer some pleasant surprises. Ten months after a new director stepped into the shoes of former woman at-the-directorial helm Elizabeth Banks, lots of things have taken shape.

Unlike some of the characters portrayed in “Pitch Perfect 3” as being stuck in a rut or the humdrum of the real world, the movie’s mainstays, particularly Kendrick, are destined to soar. Kendrick’s remarkable voice has enthralled viewers of a wide range of movies including the hit animated flick “Trolls.” Her screen presence and vocal prowess, the zany antics of Wilson and the bankability of the other main cast members, plus celebrity guests and an engaging storyline, add up to one of the most promising musical-comedy-drama flicks of the year.

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