General Hospital” spoilers for next week promise that Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) isn’t done causing problems for Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). Although Stella loves TJ (Tequan Richmond) no matter who is his biological father, this whole trip proves too much for her to bear. Stella has a major Health Crisis and all eyes turn to Jordan to blame for the incident.

Stella collapses – Curtis and Jordan split

New General Hospital” spoilers predict that this visit to Port Charles has been too much for Aunt Stella. She was in shock when she found out Curtis and Jordan are dating and piling TJ’s paternity reveal on top of it is just too much.

Stella loves Curtis and TJ and can’t stand what Jordan has done to them. Jordan has been a bad mother, wife, and now has been proven to be an even bigger liar.

And for “General Hospital” fans, they also know TJ’s dad Shawn (Sean Blakemore) is still locked up for a crime he didn’t commit and Jordan isn’t even trying to help him out. It looks like, from “GH” spoilers, that all of this excitement is too much for Stella’s ticker and Curtis’ feisty aunt collapses. They rush her to “General Hospital” but things look rough for a minute.

Stella faking or for real?

Another question from General Hospital” spoilers is whether Stella is faking to break up Curtis and Jordan or if her health is really in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, “GH” spoilers indicate Stella’s health crisis is legit and Jordan blames herself. Jordan was already preparing to distance herself from Curtis because of his aunt raging about her cheating on Curtis’ brother Tommy and lying about TJ’s real daddy.

Then when Stella collapses, “GH” spoilers say Jordan is hit hard and decides she has to cut herself off from Curtis so she doesn’t keep hurting his family.

“General Hospital” spoilers from the latest soap magazines say Jordan is forced to make a sacrifice during this health crisis, but what will it be? Will Jordan walk away from Curtis? Will she donate blood? Is this about TJ?

Are Curtis and Jordan done for good?

“General Hospital” history tells us that Curtis has been waiting a while to get with Jordan and had to watch while she carried on with Andre (Anthony Montgomery), so it’s not likely he’ll let her dump him over this.

Other “GH” spoilers say Stella will recover, pack her bags, and leave Port Charles. Vernee Watson was only brought in for a short arc and won’t be sticking around.

“GH” spoilers say that Curtis and Jordan will reunite soon but there are also rumblings that Grace, Curtis’ troublesome ex, played by Ciera Payton, will be back in Port Charles soon. Clearly, the ABC soap doesn’t plan to let Jordan and Curtis enjoy a happy ending. For most “GH” fans, it’s all good so long as Donnell Turner spends lots of time shirtless!

Check back for more “General Hospital” spoilers.

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