It looks like more and more celebrities are finding themselves in trouble after joking about Donald Trump's assassination. A few weeks ago, Kathy Griffin found herself in hot water after photos were released showing her posing with a prop severed head of the POTUS. The controversy has partially died down after the comedian publicly issued an apology for the controversial photo.

However, it seems like another celebrity is currently under fire for joking about the assassination of the current President of the United States. That certain celebrity is Johnny Depp and the said joke was delivered in front of many people, during the Glastonbury Festival.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" actor asked a crowd of attendees if there's a possibility of bringing Donald Trump in the venue, and continued by saying that he thinks the POTUS needs help. Johnny Depp was in Glastonbury to introduce a screening of his 2004 movie, "Libertine."

Johnny Depp knew what he was getting into

The "Sweeney Todd" actor reportedly went on with his litany about Donald Trump by acknowledging the fact that his speech will definitely be going in the press and that it will be horrible. The speech reached peak anti-Trump when Johnny Depp referred to John Wilkes Booth by asking the crowd when was the last time an actor assassinated a president.

Johnny Depp's speech elicited mixed reactions from the audience, with some cheering and some jeering.

The actor then tried to lighten the atmosphere by saying that he does not refer to himself as an actor but rather as someone who lies for a living.

Disapproval from the start

This is not the first time that "The Tourist" actor has manifested his disapproval for Donald Trump. In fact, in 2016, Depp portrayed Trump in a satirical biopic entitled "Funny Or Die." In the said satirical biopic, Depp spewed some lines saying that Trump was a brat and that he would be the "last president of the United States" if elected.

As of writing, reps for Johnny Depp have yet to comment or give an official statement about the issue. Meanwhile, fans of the "Black Mass" actor are worried that he may have to pull a Kathy Griffin and end up apologizing for his words. Also, Johnny Depp's career may also be endangered considering that there are also some Trump supporters who have been following his career in Hollywood. Hopefully, there won't be a "boycott Johnny Depp" movement happening anytime soon.