Jinger Duggar is making a new life for herself in Laredo, Texas with her new husband, Jeremy Vuolo. She is away from her family in Arkansas, but she still keeps in touch with everyone as much as she can. Another new episode of "Counting On" is coming up on Monday and a sneak peek reveals that the newlywed has been left quite speechless by her sisters during a video chat with them.

A little awkward

Babies are always on the mind when it comes to the Duggar Family. In this new episode coming up this week, two of the girls, Jessa and Jill, are pregnant.

Of course, Jessa Seewald has already had her second child, and Jill Dillard is due very soon in July. Jinger has been married for almost eight months now, and as far as anyone knows, she has still not gotten pregnant. That is perfectly normal for most women, but when it comes to this reality TV family, it could be considered highly unusual.

In the preview video, the sisters are gathered around their computer chatting with Jinger about her new life in Laredo. Their chit chat goes on for a few minutes. Even Israel and Spurgeon got in on the action. Finally, Jill blurts out exactly what every Duggar fan has been wanting to know. Jill asks her if she is pregnant yet?

A speechless Duggar daughter

Jinger's reaction is quite comical.

She looks utterly shocked by that suggestion. Is it because she is pregnant and wants to keep it a secret for now, or is she appalled by the thought of getting pregnant this soon into her marriage to Jeremy? It is doubtful that Jinger Duggar is with child right now as photos have not really shown any baby bump so far. It is also doubtful that she is as shocked as she looks in the sneak peek.

Jinger should really be expecting those kinds of questions considering how much her family loves babies.

One thing is certain, the 23-year-old reality star didn't quite know what to say when Jill asked her if she was pregnant. She looked like she was truly speechless. Her sisters were left staring at her waiting for an answer.

What response will she have to that question?

Life with the Vuolo's

Jinger and Jeremy have both said how much they want kids, whenever it is the Lord's timing to have them. In the meantime, this couple has been busy getting used to married life. Jeremy had been single for a while before marrying the Duggar daughter. Jinger went from a big house full of many kids and lots of noise to only her and her husband in a very small and quiet apartment. Jinger told her sisters how different it has been compared to living in Arkansas with her family.

Be sure to watch how Jinger Duggar will respond as "Counting On" continues on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.