Mrs. Jinger Duggar Vuolo said she was going to things her way, beginning in a whirlwind "courtship 2.0" with now-husband Jeremy Vuolo. The "Counting On" star continues to push the envelope wearing pants and now very revealing leggings which showed possible weight loss and a probable pregnancy. Fans are concerned that the ex "19 Kids and Counting" star is pregnant and losing weight. Some blame Jinger's fat-shaming parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Jinger Duggar reveals all in no-no Lularoe

It wasn't Mrs. Vuolo's modest Amelia Lularoe dress that turned heads but her peek-a-boo leggings and too-cute wedges underneath.

For the average 20-something, this would be frumpy attire, but for the "Counting On" star it's sinful and worldly. TLC parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar preach modesty with a vengeance. They don their "19 Kids and Counting" in the regulation-homeschool ankle-length denim skirts, white tennis shoes, and all-enclosing tops.

No hiding Jinger's baby bump

"19 Kids and Counting" fans are dying to see Jinger Vuolo pregnant. And Jinger's ensemble gave rise to further speculation. Clad in a tight dress, folks were sure that Jinger and Jeremy are "Counting On" a baby. Interestingly, on the topic of revealing clothes, sister Jessa Seewald preaches militant modesty. Yet she showed off her baby bump on Instagram, boldly wearing skin-tight, sleeveless swim shirt and board shorts.

What would mother Michelle Duggar have to say about that?

Weight loss woes for Jinger Vuolo?

Of more concern than Jinger busting the family dress code is her apparent weight loss. Like Beyonce and the plastic surgery rumors, Jinger was accused of endangering her baby with anorexia. And most worrying is that her "19 Kids and Counting" parents may have caused an eating disorder of some type.

Michelle Duggar has fat-shamed overweight women on her blog. She tells gals in to lose weight so they will keep their men happy. The "Counting On" mom called obesity "displeasing" to God. Is Jinger too preoccupied with obeying mom by keeping thin?

Jinger Duggar thin-shamed by fans?

Reality TV followers scolded Jinger for what looked to them like too-thin weight loss.

But leggings can be misleading and make a person appear more slender than they are. But the bigger issue is harm from rumor-mongering on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Thin or fat-shaming, it's all body-shaming. If the reality television star is dealing with weight problems, how helpful is it to mock her for it?