Jennifer Garner reacts to a publication’s new story about her and Ben Affleck’s divorce. Although the 45-year-old star is so used to see and hear made-up stories about them, this one is something she will never tolerate.

The “Alias” star shared her sentiments on her Facebook page on Wednesday regarding the article published by people on May 30. The publication also shared a snap of its latest magazine that bears the title “Life after Heartbreak” that the actress can’t remember she allowed.

Garner slams article about her and Affleck’s divorce

Garner shared that she has been aware that there are a Magazine Cover and article from People that seemed to be coming from her.

Although she is so used to receive phone calls from her relatives saying that she is pregnant with twins, these things are the ones she chooses not to entertain because it is simply not true. "This isn't a tragedy by any measure,” she said. But this one, she admitted that it really affects her and her family. So before her mother reacts, she wants to talk about it for the record.

The “Miracles from Heaven” actress revealed that she didn’t authorize People to publish that story about her and she didn’t even pose for the magazine’s cover. However, now matter what others say, she is very thankful that she has three wonderful children, Violet (11), Seraphina (8), and Samuel (5), and certainly a complete family.

The article is about Garner’s new life as a single mother after she has filed for divorce from Affleck. The publication’s insider claimed that her decision to file for legal separation was "the most difficult decision for her." In fact, the publication's source added that she was not the only one who decided about the separation, but also their three kids.

People’s answer to Garner’s claim

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of People’s magazine revealed its statement about the issue to E! News. “PEOPLE covers Hollywood stars beloved by our audience,” it started. It insisted that its story about Garner is definitely “fair and truthful.” It even cleared that it doesn’t include rumors about her and it never tells that she is pregnant.

To recall, Garner and Affleck officially announced their breakup in June 2015 after celebrating their 10 years of marriage. Just last month, Entertainment Tonight revealed that the 44-year-old actor has now left the family’s Los Angeles home and started to live on his own.

"It's been a hard few months but you would never know,” a source told E! News about their separation. The insider even commended the mother-of-three for always putting her heads up and having a smile on her face in spite of what happened. “She does a great job of keeping it together for the kids," the resource person continued.