Fans of Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan have lit up social media, expressing joy, as the biceps of these two actors are getting ready to collide. It was recently revealed that Stallone and Chan would be sharing the screen for the first time in a new Action Thriller film called “Ex-Baghdad.” The film is being produced via Jackie’s company SR Media and fans of the two actors couldn’t be happier. Stallone revealed that the decision to pick up this new action thriller was a result of quitting "The Expendables."

What is the action thriller going to be about?

Any film with Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone as co-stars is guaranteed to pack a punch.

Fans of the actors, however, are dying to know one thing: What is the film going to be about? The focal point of “Ex-Baghdad” is a Chinese-operated oil refinery that is located in Iraq. Unsurprisingly, the Chinese-based oil refinery gets attacked. When this happens, Jackie Chan’s character is called by the owners of the refinery to assist in saving the workers.

It turns out that the plan to save the workers of the oil refinery is a little too big of a job for just Jackie Chan, so he enlists the help of a former U.S. Marine to get the job done. The U.S. Marine is the character Sylvester Stallone will be playing. It has also been revealed that Scott Waugh is the director of the movie. As you may recall, Waugh was at the helm of the “Need For Speed” movie.

There are some concerns thus far

There are a few people who have taken to social media to express a few concerns about the Chan and Stallone film. Some have noted that it could be a bit of an uncomfortable area given the location of the film. The movie is being shot around the “Highway of Death,” and some think that that was a poor choice of location for the movie.

A film director named Lexi Alexander is one of many who took to Twitter to express concern:

Start of filming and release date currently unknown

The Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan movie is set to have a Chinese budget and they have projected the working budget for the film to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 million.

Unfortunately, there is currently no start date in terms of filming or release date at this time.

While there are some concerns and details still to be revealed, many fans of these actors are excited for the release of this new movie. Are you interested in going to see this new action thriller when it gets released?