When “Dance Moms” first aired back in 2011, it instantly became everyone’s obsession. So despite its recent bad press, courtesy of Abby Lee Miller’s fraud and money laundering cases, the hit reality dance television series was still picked up for another season. However, fan favorite chloe lukasiak did not give a promising response when asked if she will be back to do another installment.

Just like Maddie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak also rose to fame after joining the original cast of “Dance Moms.” The Lifetime show became so big that it paved way for the girls and led them to bigger and better opportunities.

But unlike the “Book of Henry” actress, Chloe was not Abby Lee Miller’s favorite student. Her mom Christi Lukasiak was too vocal for the terror dance teacher's taste and she was not happy about it.

Chloe is Abby’s least favorite ALDC student?

The “Dance Moms” resident mentor was known for punishing the kids when she felt that their moms were not behaving well. Unfortunately for Chloe Lukasiak, her mom and Abby Lee Miller just can’t seem to agree with a lot of things that resulted in unending screaming matches.

However, Christi and the 50-year-old dance instructor, choreographer, and director had their last argument in “Dance Moms” season 4 when Abby Lee Miller took things further and mocked Chloe for having a “lazy eye.” The below-the-belt comment was the last straw for the mother-daughter tandem and they did not return in the next episode.

Chloe is back for another season!

But then, Chloe Lukasiak shocked her fans when she announced that she and her mom will return in “Dance Moms” season 7. The 16-year-old dancer, television personality, actress, and model has already expanded her brand around this time, but she revealed that when she found out that her former Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team members were back on the east coast, she wanted to go and visit them.

Since Chloe missed competing as well, the talented star decided to be a part of the Lifetime show once again.

Now, “Dance Moms” season 7B is officially picked up and Chloe Lukasiak is coming back to join the rest of the cast. But when asked if she will return for “Dance Moms” Season 8, the young star seemed to be unsure about it since all of the ALDC girls have already started their individual careers outside the show.

“I don't know. I really have no idea,” Chloe told Seventeen. “I think the girls and I are all going in different directions and we're really at the beginning of our careers, so we'll have to see.”