Halsey recently gave an interview in which she dissed fellow music artist Iggy Azalea. When talking about people who she would have on her record Halsey brought up Azalea saying that she would never let someone like her be on her album. The young pop star who only started her career in 2014 told the press that Azalea was a "f**king moron". There has been no evidence that Azalea has done anything to prompt this public thrashing.

Azalea has responded to Halsey's comments

Halsey spoke about Azalea publicly during her interview with The Guardian. Azalea addressed the comments when she featured on Nova FM's Smallzy's Surgery.

The rapper said that the comments against her were completely unprovoked. She said it was strange that Halsey would bring her up purposefully in the conversation implying that the singer must have some personal problem against Azalea. Iggy likened Halsey's commentary to a situation where the rapper would start talking about Janet Jackson.

Iggy was on the radio show to promote her new single "Switch" and her upcoming album titled "Digital Distortion". While the rapper was on the air she was asked about the feud between her and Halsey. Azalea was all too happy to clear up any confusion. She put it very simply saying that she didn't even know Halsey and clearly insinuated that the "Closer" singer was the only person with the problem.

Iggy drops shade at Halsey fueling the feud between the pair

When responding to Halsey's commentary about her Iggy dropped the ultimate shade. She publicly shared some advice for the singer lives on the air. Azalea talked about how she understands that people will have different opinions about her. She explained how it comes with the territory of the music industry.

However, she shaded Halsey by adding that the singer was young. Iggy stated she hoped that Halsey would learn to be less judgemental.

The rapper said that Halsey would one day find herself in the same shoes Azalea is in now and should keep that in mind before commenting about other artists. She showed empathy for the star telling radio hosts of Nova FM that she was sure Halsey was being judged by people too and perhaps she should learn to be a bit more empathetic.

As of yet, there has been no response by Halsey. Her representatives have not released commentary on the feud. With Azalea proving that she won't take things lying down fans are wondering if the tensions between the pair will continue on into the future.